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Remanufactured Diesel Engine For Sale, Dyno Tested

Something you should know about  remanufactured Diesel engines for sale is that they are setup somewhat differently than gas engines, at least concerning a perfect match-up to the intended vehicle. If you drive a big rig or somewhat large piece of machinery, the engine is actually calibrated to meet the exact specifications of said vehicle.

Using a governing system which limits revolutions per minute (RPM) to the optimal power range all the time. This involves a reasonable amount of shifting staying in the power range, which is a good arguement for an automatic shift trans. Diesel engines rotate slower and have a narrow range with which it produces power. With that in mind, every diesel engine has to matched the vehicle in many ways.

Starting with rear differential ratio sand payloads, every engine and transmission combo is set up on a dynomometer to duplicate the exact shift timing, so every shift occurs in the engines most usable power range.

Medium and small duty pickups with diesel engines operate very similarly, but are not as narrow as the big rigs as far as power ranges goes. So, if you buy a remanufactured diesel engine, it absolutely has to be matched in the way it is ”tuned” to the exact vehicle it will replace the motor in.

Without changing the subject, I was in the transmission field for 30 plus years. Every automatic transmission we rebuilt for larger diesel powered vehicles had to be sent to a company with a dyno to re-calibrate it to factory specs for the vehicle it was remaufactured for.

Randomly picking a remanufactured engine for sale is a good way to buy the wrong engine. In most cases the remanufactured engine will run and power the vehicle, but you will lose much of the drivability since the power band is different than the specs suggest. You will lose fuel economy and when it’s time to pour on the coals, it may not occur when you want it to.

We know that the bulk of big rig owners and operators of heavy equipment generally know exactly what they need. If you are not so sure, for a perfect match, the best bet is to choose a diesel engine supplier with plenty of experience in said field. Call the diesel engine specialists at RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com and discuss your special needs with someone who understands how to service you properly for a crate diesel engine for sale.