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Remanufactured Ford E350 Engines for Sale

The E Series of vehicles built by Ford are full sized vans, introduced in 1961. Currently in production, it is in the fourth generation now. Since the fourth generation spans from 1992 to current times, lets focus on these van engines for now. Without knowing what year or purpose your E350 van is used for, normally we recommend remanufactured Ford E350 Engines for sale unless we can locate a very low mileage used engine.

Generally speaking, with the fuel crunch and cost of gas, huge vans such as the E series vans are less popular now. Mostly used for commercial purposes and carrying heavy loads the E vans are very heavy duty. The Maxi-Series vans are often converted into small motor-homes. The bottom line is there is usually a valuable load inside or behind an E series van.

With that thought in mind, a remanufactured engine is the first and most cost effective choice of most Ford van owners. With the economy hurting so bad, fleet owners and private owners are not so fast to pull the trigger on a new vehicle anymore. If the engine blows up, it has been proven that by replacing the engine with a remanufactured unit, lots of money is saved in the long run.

What is so surprising to most people is that a remanufacured engine is very affordable and that makes this item very attractive. The best remanufactured engines provide peace of mind because we build pure value into every re-manned engine we sell.

The engines Ford offered from 1992 to present times are as such;
4.2 L Essex V6
4.9 L inline-6
302 CID Windsor V8
351 CID Windsor V8
4.6 L Triton V8
5.4 L Triton V8
6.8 L Triton V10
7.3 L Power Stroke V8
6.0 L Power stroke V8

Notice the Powerstroke diesel engines were options only for the HD E series. The most popular engines ordered for the 350 E vans, since most of them were purchased for work purposes.

One simple call is all you need to make to remanufacturedenginesforsale.com to find out how affordable a remanufactured engine for your E350 van is. Some engines ship for free and all engines carry an unbeatable warranty. Call now and get the information you need to make a solid decision. Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com.