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Bus Diesel Engines for Sale

When we get a call for bus diesel engines for sale, we know that could mean practically any brand of diesel engine. The word bus leaves a lot of room for different types of buses. The first thing I think of is a school bus. School buses traumatized me as a kid! I remember the drivers grinding the gears. When you think about it, buses can range in size from huge tour buses, to the 3/4 ton and 1 ton buses that transport small amounts of people around town.

The idea of a bus having an engine failure is not very desirable. Buses transport valuable cargo’s, which is generally made up of humans; it is not appealing to the driver, the owner of the vehicle and the passengers to experience an engine failure at any time on a trip. Not only can it be dangerous, it throws off a schedule really badly.

I’m convinced that is why we sell so many remanufactured diesel bus engines. It seems universal in thought, owners of buses worry about vehicle failures. A remanufactured engine from Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com is the most reliable and ultimately inexpensive solution to your problem.

Realistically speaking, a well remanufactured engine is the only way to build the peace of mind and confidence needed to operate a bus without having engine failure fears. I owned a repair shop from 1981 to 2006, [I sold it]. We worked for the local transit bus company. One of the things that was emphasized to me was reliability.

We made it important to supply them with the best remanufactured engines and other components to keep the buses running on schedule [especially the Seniors buses]. Of course they worried about money, but the company knew that remanufactured engines were the most affordable and reliable solution, ultimately saving thousands of dollars a year. Especially on warranty issues and premature failures.

Some of the buses we worked on were for emergency use only, obviously in any emergency situation, a breakdown is not acceptable.

With the above in mind, some of the largest commercial diesel engines made go into huge tour buses. Like Detroit Diesel, Cummins, International and Mack engines, all large tractor trailer engine manufacturers. Plenty of small buses use the same diesel engines found in Dodge Ram pickups, Chevy’s with the Duramax engine [made by Detroit Diesel] and Fords with the Powerstroke motor.

Trust Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com to supply you with the finest remanufactured diesel engine available for your bus and feel the peace of mind it brings. Call now and discuss our wide variety of remanufactured bus engines with an expert. We build pure value into every remaunufactured engine we sell. Call now.