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Remanufactured Ford 3.8L Engines for Sale

Ford 3.8L Engines for Sale | Remanufactured Ford Engines for SaleSale on Ford Rebuilt Engines for Cars and Trucks

The V6 Essex engine was the official Ford code name for the 3.8L engine that was built in Canada and imported for U.S. vehicles. The Essex first made its way into the Mustang in the early 2000s. After an overhaul in the research and development office, Ford pulled the plug on the 3.8-liter for the Mustang and upgraded it to a 4.0L Cologne to get the added power that drivers demanded. We are the online leader for Ford 3.8L engines for sale.

After its claim to fame in the Mustang, the 3.8-liter found a new home with the Windstar later to be known as the Freestar minivan. The actual production last for nearly five years as the permanent home for this engine helped boost sales of family automobiles. The fuel economy and V6 power of this engine played a major part in the history of Ford in the first decade of the new millennium. We have the 3.8-liter rebuilt and ready for sale in our inventory.

Reconditioned Engines for Ford with a Warranty

It does not have to be frightening when searching for an engine to buy online. Our research team makes sure that every engine we buy comes from reputable sellers across the country. We are only interested in offering low mileage engines for sale. This helps you to get a great deal and get more years out of your automobile. All of the used car engines that we purchase are then tested with our inspection process.

We warranty the work that we put into each rebuild. You never have to worry about a DOA part that compromises your start up. Our Ford 3.8L engines for sale are guaranteed to start in your vehicle or we will replace the defective part. We promise to give you a great experience when buying used motors online. Our huge inventory holds the engines you need at prices well below other dealers that sell online.

Get Your Mustang or Freestar 3.8-liter Engine Today

A quick call to our engine staff at 1-877-630-3837 will get you started. You can use our online quote form to get a price quote if you choose. You have access to our customer service, engine quality and fast shipments when you do business with us. We provide a satisfaction guarantee for our used Ford engines.

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