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Dodge Daytona 2.5L Engines for Sale

Dodge Daytona 2.5L Engines for SaleWhat do you get when you combine a hatchback with a sleek design and a powerful 2.5L engine? You get the Dodge Daytona. The Chrysler Laser did not last long and the new car on the block was the Daytona when it premiered in 1984. Up to 150 horsepower was possible with the 2.5L upgrade from the stock 2.2L engine. Hundreds of thousands of these cars were produced in the 11 years that Dodge got behind the Daytona. There are plenty of cars that still use the 2.5L engine and that’s one reason why you’ll find Dodge Daytona 2.5L engines for sale in our warehouse. We are one of the premier sources for these engines as well as other Chrysler-based motors.

Our specialty here is rebuilding engines and turning them into something that rivals a new Chrysler engine. You can fix up a used engine all of your life and still run into problems with it because of its age. There comes a time when every engine can use a complete rebuild and that’s where we come into the picture. We search our exclusive network of dealers to find the best used 2.5L Daytona engines and we buy the ones that have the lowest mileage. This is the quality that we offer here and have solidified our reputation as a top engine rebuilder. If you are searching for the same used engines you find elsewhere online, you might be disappointed to find that we only deal with the best remanufactured engines.

Dyno Tested Dodge Daytona 2.5L Engines for Sale

We like to be accurate. We trust the awesome work that our rebuilders do, but we still like to take our testing to the next level. All of our I4 engines go through a series of accurate tests to prove to us that we can sell these engines without errors around the world. Oil compression is a big issue for engines that have leaks or problems with the operation. You can find out a lot about an engine when you use dyno testing equipment. We analyze ratios and performance data to make sure that our Dodge engines meet the high standards of Chrysler certified engines.

This is accomplished with the accuracy of our engine builders and only then can our 2.5L engines be put up for sale. We use a completely renovated warehouse to hold all of our engines until they are ready to ship. Our freight specialists do the hard work by crating and moving these engines into the tractor-trailers that line our warehouse docks each day. Our engines are shipped for the lowest prices that you will find and are always guaranteed to be delivered to your doorstep in excellent condition.

Price Quotes for Dodge Daytona 2.5L Engines for Sale 

Get our low price when you use our Daytona quote form here at www.remanufacturedenginesforsale.com. Just put in the engine details and your email address. Our engine specialists review what you send us and then give you our price quote. It is very easy. You can also call on the phone at 1-877-630-3873 and you’ll speak to the same knowledgeable experts that will offer you our lowest 2.5L Daytona price.