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Chevy Lumina APV 3.1L Remanufactured Engines

Chevy Lumina 3.1L Remanufactured Engines | Rebuilt Chevy EnginesChevy Lumina APV (All-Purpose Vehicle) was a minivan that was produced for 7 years under the GM brand. Average people might not know what a Chevy APV is although they likely have heard of a Lumina minivan. All of these words are interchangeable for this passenger van model and the 3.1L V6 that was inside is legendary. This Generation 1 engine was the backbone of many of the most successful Chevrolet cars in the last 30 years. You can buy Chevy Lumina APV 3.1L remanufactured engines and other V6 engines from our warehouse inventory. It’s fast and effortless to get a great price for a rebuilt Chevy engine that is designed to save you money.

The Chevrolet Venture ended up replacing the Lumina APV as a minivan, but the V6 engine still remains one of Chevy’s best-selling engines of all time. These engines come to us in various forms and from different places. Many of them come right from GM dealerships. We buy these engines and put our mechanics to work to get them in great condition again. Engine rebuilding is all that we specialize in and are not just here to sell engines. We know the intricate details of the Lumina configuration and what Chevy expects an engine rebuilder to do when making them for sale to the public. You don’t have to worry about quality here.

OEM Chevy Lumina APV 3.1L Remanufactured Engines

The only things that are changed with the used engines that are rebuilt here is the parts. We do not modify the configuration or try to amp up the horsepower. We know that some rebuilders think it is their job to make engine modifications. We stay true to the OEM values that GM requires. No alterations are performed on the main engine block or any of the components besides switching them out. Only new parts are used and we don’t try to recycle the old ones. Once the parts are shot, they are thrown away and we give you something new that will last you a long time in your Lumina APV minivan.

We informed you about our low prices. We described how we buy engines. We even told you what we do during the rebuild. It’s all about trust here. We don’t hold anything about our motors back from you. We believe in informing our customers so there are no hard feelings or miscommunications that can happen buying engines strictly online sight unseen. Our V6 engines come with our standard engine warranty and receive professional testing with our expert equipment. This includes engine point checklists, mechanic inspections and dyno testing to prove that our Chevrolet engines are rebuilt very well and can withstand another 100,000 road miles.

Chevy Lumina APV 3.1L Remanufactured Engines Price 

Our prices are not hard to obtain and are quotes are easy to read. When you deal with www.remanufacturedenginesforsale.com, you are treated fairly and our price quotes are given out quickly. Just put your APV 3.1L engine details into the quote form and click submit. We receive your info and our price comes to you fast. You can call our staff at 1-877-630-3873 if you have questions or would rather receive our pricing information over the phone.