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Dodge Stealth 3.0L Remanufactured Engines

Dodge Stealth 3.0L Remanufactured Engines | Rebuilt Dodge EnginesDodge Stealth was built for looks, power and performance in the early 1990s. Chrysler wanted to get a piece of the performance car market and it did so with the Stealth. The 3.0L v6 was selected to take the Stealth and make it a household name. The buying public responded and this Dodge model achieved its purpose in the marketplace competing with the Ford Probe. We have Dodge Stealth 3.0L remanufactured engines right now waiting for shipment around the world. Our V6 engines are nothing like you will find on eBay here at www.remanufacturedenginesforsale.com. We care about the engines that are dropped into the vehicles of our worldwide customers.

Dodge Stealth was built for speed and everyone knew it. This was not a vehicle produced for your grandpa or a family automobile. Dodge marketed the Stealth to upper middle class Americans and those that had the extra money to buy a luxury automobile. The Stealth is still on the road in many parts of the world and many drivers end up swapping out the engine. The decrease in available parts for this model makes engine replacements cost effective. Buying a rebuilt engine is a smart idea of value and for future longevity. The average engine is only made to last 100,000 or less. We rebuild engines to lengthen the life cycle.

Dodge Stealth 3.0L Remanufactured Engines

What is a rebuilt engine and why is it better than a used one? That’s a question we hear a lot and it’s not just from drivers. We sell to junkyards and salvage companies too that have never bought a rebuilt engine before. It is natural to have questions and concerns because not a lot of information in published online. We like to be informative and teach our customers all there is to know about V6 motors that we sell. The core of a remanufactured engine is the removal of parts that are past their salvage life. A used engine can be pulled out of a wrecked or leased vehicle and never be serviced before sale. What we do is buy these types of engines and that’s what gets reconditioned by our experts.

Chrysler and Mopar parts are used when we take off old parts. The majority of replacement parts are always warranted for a select period of time. The time frame is most often for 3 years. This means that new hoses, gaskets, heads and other delicate components will have a 3-year OEM warranty. We take it a step beyond this point and throw in our labor warranty. We do spend a lot of time on the build and want everything to be covered. Our 3.0L engines come out perfect and always include warranty protection for no extra cost.

Dodge Stealth 3.0L Remanufactured Engines Quote

This is the website to come to when you want a 24/7 quote online. Use the V6 Dodge Stealth engine quote request form that is located on our page. What comes out of the quote form is the lowest price that is possible for these rebuilt engines. We welcome phone contact at 1-877-630-3873. You never wait to speak with an expert here and we never make it our priority to push a sale. You want information and that’s all you get.