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Rebuilt Dodge Dakota 3.9L Engines

Rebuilt Dodge Dakota 3.9L EnginesDodge Dakota premiered for Chrysler in 1987 as a medium sized pickup. It was created to be direct competition to the S10 from Chevy and the Ranger from Ford. This mid-size vehicle was offered as an alternative in the Dodge line to the much larger trucks. A 3.9L Magnum V6 engine was put inside of the Dakota as an upgrade to the K I4 engine. The 3.9L remained with the Dakota up until the mid 1990s. We have these rebuilt Dodge Dakota 3.9L engines in stock right now. You will find price tags here to be much lower than others selling remanufactured engines.

The Dakota was only recently retired by Dodge in an effort to consolidate its pickups. After 25 years of sales success, the Dakota is still in use by many people around the world. Dodge might have discontinued sales of the Dakota but its engine is still made. The 3.9L is rebuilt right inside our very own engine shop. We are able to find and hire the very best Dodge mechanics to handle all of our work. This keeps us putting out great engines on a consistent basis for immediate sales to regular truck owners and businesses that use these engines daily.

Rebuilt Dodge Dakota 3.9L Engines 

What do you get with a Magnum engine? The first thing you get is plenty of horsepower. Dodge knows how to make engine users happy. The Magnum ruled the world before the PowerTech and 5.7L Hemi were still dreams in engine shops. Along with every Magnum engine we offer comes a warranty. This is a two tier warranty. The first is what assures customers of the accuracy of labor. We know just how to take engines apart and what we have to do to them to put them together again. Engines that are built here remain Dodge OEM. We only apply genuine Chrysler parts. We are able to up the quality of our rebuilds this way. It is always easier to get aftermarket parts but we avoid it.

There is a lot of life left in our rebuilt 3.9L engines. There can be a misunderstanding about what remanufactured engines are to a vehicle. The first thing to understand is that these are not brand new engines. They are considered like new because all of the worn parts are exchanged for ones that are factory fresh. This move is what extends the life cycle of any engine. We cannot remove the mileage that is already on the block. What we do though is test and retest the engines. We are able to confirm all parts are working as Dodge intended them to work.

Rebuilt Dodge Dakota 3.9L Engines Quotes

The 3.9L legend lives on in our remanufactured engines inventory. Get your price quote today by calling our team at 1-877-630-3873. It’s fast and our team will give you all of the details you want. We even let you get price quotes right from our website. Enter your Dodge engine information into the fast quote form. What is sent to you is our lowest remanufactured engine pricing.