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Remanufactured Ford Focus 2.0L SPI Engines

Ford Focus 2.0L SPI EnginesFord Focus was introduced to U.S. buyers in 1998. The Focus is still in production and listed as one of Ford’s top selling passenger cars. One of the selling points is the fuel economy of the 2.0L engine. The 2000 to 2004 Ford Focus uses the 2.0L split port induction engine. This is based on the Escort engine that was created during its final years of production. This CVH engine base is the engine type that we rebuild here at www.remanufacturedenginesforsale.com. Engines sold here are offered at discount prices to businesses and vehicle owners of the Focus. Our Ford Focus 2.0L SPI engines provide the value customers demand.

Focus was loosely based on the Escort design. The phase out of the Escort in the mid 1990s offered the perfect entry for the Focus. The Focus was used in the early part of the decade in Europe. Sales in Europe for this Ford vehicle were strong. The decision was made to offer it for sale after the retirement of the Escort. The SPI 2.0L engine was put into this model at the start of the 2000 year. The base 110 horsepower offered a lot more than competing vehicles in the same class.

Ford Focus 2.0L SPI Engines 

While the CVH is largely used in many used cars, the newer Ford cars use the Duratec brand of engines. This upgraded technology brought more digital components compared to manual ones in the CVH base. Our Ford engine rebuilders are experts with each of these engine blocks. We understand the late model and classic engine technologies. Part of our success comes from getting Focus engines with low miles on the block. We’re able to do this because of our top suppliers working closely here with us. We get to sample the best of the best engines. We pull out what we want and these are what forms the basis of our engine rebuilds.

It all comes down to testing to validate engine condition. There is no mechanic alive that can look at an engine and judge it perfectly. There could be simple leaks in hoses, cracked heads or electrical issues that only a computer can find. The use of dyno testing equipment by our staff helps us. Any Ford Focus 2.0L engine that comes in to get rebuilt goes through all of the required tests. Testing is performed multiple times so that we can average out the data. The correct calibration of engines is what we give to customers that are buying remanufactured engines. We want something produced here to hold up to the new engines Ford sells.

Ford Focus 2.0L SPI Engines Price Quote

Anyone can get quotes really fast here. Each method ends up giving customers the same result. Use our Ford Focus quote form and obtain pricing immediately. This quote for is what gives us the data we need to send out pricing to customers that request it. Phone quotes are still quote common. We have a toll free number at 1-877-630-3873. Use this number to speak with our staff and let them give you a low Ford 2.0L SPI engine price right now.