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Dodge Dakota 3.7L V6 Engine

Dodge Dakota 3.7L V6 EngineDodge Dakota was upgraded in 2004 with the 3.7L EKG engine. This PowerTech engine was not the full size V8 known as the Magnum. The Chrysler technology that was used in the Jeep series was integrated into the Dakota. This entry level engine still provided more than 200 horsepower. The Dakota is known as Dodge’s best-selling medium-duty truck. The Dakota had more power than competing models from Ford and Chevrolet. What you’ll find for sale here on this website is a newly built Dodge Dakota 3.7L V6 engine. This is the same engine that was originally built by Dodge.

The Dakota means business. It means serious business. The 3.7L engine is still supported because people appreciate it. There are lower quality engines that have been produced by every automaker. Not every engine that is produced is a massive hit. Some engines win and some lose. The Dakota 3.7L engine series is one that worked well. Dodge eventually upgraded the Dakota engine, but only after many years of success with its V6 series 3.7L. The Dodge HO Magnum ended up taking the place of the Dakota. You’ll find each of these engines rebuilt inside of our company warehouse.

Dodge Dakota 3.7L V6 Engine Always in Stock

We rebuild Dodge engines perfectly. We have a complete staff of Chrysler engine experts that do all of our work. Each day of the week we have engines being built in our factory. These are not just any engine though. We make accurate assessments of what we buy before we start to build. We’re interested solely in engines that have low mileage. We’re able to get great deals on low mileage engines from our distributors. We start with these V6 engines and what we end up with is a great rebuilt one. These are the motors that are sent out of our warehouse on a daily basis. Vehicle owners and business owners purchase what we sell.

We believe in the EKG PowerTech. We’ve been rebuilding it since it first came out. We have the experience that is needed to make this engine great. We backup all work that is completed here with warranties. Nothing gets through our warehouse without having a warranty attached to it. We’re generally able to send out our standard three-year warranty. What this covers is labor and OEM parts that could fail within the three-year time frame. We don’t have to process hardly any claims for warranties. Our dedication and testing are two things that improve what is sold here. You get the confidence in our Dodge Dakota engine specs that you rely on when replacing or installing our engines.

Dodge Dakota 3.7L V6 Engine Price Quotes

Calling our team will get you started with our pricing. We’ll tell you just how much less you’ll pay working with us. If you like online quotes, you’ll appreciate how easy our quote form is to use. It only takes some simple information to get pricing. You can instantly review what we send to you. We give instructions along with every quote that will help you to order a 3.7L V6 engine if you’d like.