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Dodge 4.7L High Output V8 Engines

Dodge HO Magnum 4.7L V8Dodge Dakota was one of the first Dodge vehicles to use the Chrysler PowerTech engine. This new and improved V8 engine was primarily used in Jeep vehicles. The 4.7L High Output engine first was introduced with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The success of this installation convinced Chrysler to try it with a Dodge pickup. The Dakota sales were increased after the installation of the Magnum engine. You can get Dodge 4.7L High Output V8 engines direct from our website for cheap prices. These are rebuilt and instantly ready for an install. We provide these low prices for our loyal customers.

The year was 2002 when this engine was introduced in Dodge trucks. The PowerTech name was exclusive to Jeep vehicles so it was changed. The Magnum version was the same engine except for the horsepower upgrade. The higher output power specs were instantly noticed by Dodge pickup truck buyers. This engine is based at 285 horsepower and has a high torque capacity. The Magnum HO engine is one of the most in demand Dodge engines that are in use in modern vehicle production. Our remanufactured versions of these motors are the same quality as what you’d get if you purchased one from a dealership.

Dodge 4.7L High Output V8 Engines in Stock

The rebuilt motors that you’ll find for sale here get into our warehouse easily. What is built is built only by our company. The remanufacturing process is a lengthy one, but we don’t have to go through inventory problems. Individual truck owners and owners of businesses that replace engines round out of customer base. It is the recommendations that they give as well as ones made by our buyers that determine our stock that we carry. The 4.7L V8 configurations is popular with Dodge as well as through our company. We choose to avoid used engines and know that rebuilt ones last a lot longer.

Getting the right engine is important. An element that is equally important is the warranty. Since work is done only by our specialists, we’re able to attach coverage to the work performed. This includes an extension of the OEM parts guarantee. All labor that goes on during the build is completely covered. Installation issues are avoided because our testing is so good. The machines, tools and equipment we’ve invested into through our facility is designed for excellence. Nothing goes wrong for a Dodge rebuild. Customer assurance remains at high levels with what we ship around the U.S. and Canada. The 4.7L HO Magnum engines are ready to install and will certainly give you the performance you demand.

Dodge 4.7L High Output V8 Engines Quote

Pricing is not listed on any page of our site. This protects business customers that perform engine installations. You can however get your unique price quote calling into our company. The toll free number we use gets you a quote fast. Ask questions, find out about shipping or other data you want to know. The simple to use quote form that is built into our website pages will get you an online quote. Use it now and review the rebuilt Dodge engine pricing we generate for you.