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5.4 Triton Engine

Ford Triton Engines 5.4Ford introduced the Triton V8 package in the 1997 year. This was the long awaited upgrade to the Essex and Modular series used for decades previously. The Triton is configured with multiple valve combinations. These add to the horsepower increases with each model of F-Series of E-Series units produced. Getting your hands on a 5.4 Triton engine is easier when you know where to shop. The rebuilt editions that we’re known for here provide the original Ford quality in a reconditioned version.

The 2004 through 2009 years are what you’ll find inside our inventory for the larger valve designs. Ford helped to pioneer the expanded valve V8 engines over the past 15 years. Our rebuilding efforts contain the OEM quality that engine buyers deserve. The low mileage blocks that start each engine rebuild provide the foundation for a great engine. The prices that are attached with each Triton motor for sale here online are meant to be low. This is one of the many benefits we give engine buyers.

5.4 Triton Engine Swap

The most common way to improve F150 horsepower is by switching out the engine. This is often the case for truck owners who have higher than average mileage motors. Finding a used Triton engine is difficult in some parts of the country. The mileage and condition of these units is usually problematic. The engine swaps that are made by customers using our reconditioned Ford motors provide more than quality. The ease of installation due to adherence to Ford engine specs gives each engine buyers assure of an error-free job.

The rebuilt 5.4 Triton engine build process that we undertake here includes dyno testing. This calibration testing is a way to measure the expected performance of these secondary motors. Restoring the internal parts with new ones is the basic method of rebuilding. When a low block is chosen, this makes that entire engine more reliable. The difference between a basic rebuild and a total rebuild is the process of parts elimination. Not all companies change out every part that is not up to dealership expectations. Our process here includes complete Ford rebuilds for all V8 motors.

5.4 Triton Engine Price Quotes

Quotes for engine pricing are given out by our team each day. The toll-free phone number system we include here is one method of quote retrieval. You actually get to speak with our team during the quote process. Our team does not try to sell you motors when you request a quote. Price lookups are just a part of the business. If you request a price quote and are happy with it, your order can be processed quickly. If you decide you’d rather get a quote online, we can handle that for you too. Make your decision and get your rebuilt Ford engine price not found from other sources online.