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Turn Key Remanufactured Fords, Packaged And Ready To Go

The best thing about remanufactured engines is they are what we call ‘turn key’ engines for sale. When you make the commitment to buy a mail order engine from us and choose a remanufactured engine as a solution, you save a bunch of work and time.

A re-maned Ford engine (or any brand for that matter) is for all practical purposes an engine or motor that can be bolted in to your car without having to change over any, if only a few components to ‘turn the key’, and start it and go. It eliminates the extra work of swapping a lot of parts such as intake and exhaust manifolds and many related components bolted to an engine.

The remanufactured engines we sell are fully assembled engines which have been tested for almost an hour on specialized equipment that tests every aspect of the engine. Testing a freshly remanufactured engine insures the customer that the engine will run properly, not leak oil and prove that no defective parts were used. It lowers the problem rate to nearly zero, which can not be said for non pre tested engines.

Except for a few of the usual components that bolt to an engine such as the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioner compressor and air filter, you get a complete engine ready to drop in and start.

In this fast paced world, one might think that people are more interested in fast service than quality. Well that is a mistake. Fast service turns out to be the slowest most frustrating service if you don’t get what you want or you get less than the product you were promised. So fast can be very slow in certain situations. But never shop by price only.

Our way of pre-testing engines and having them packaged for shipment satisfies both needs. We never get complaints that the fresh motor you purchased took to long to arrive.

All in all, it is hard to go wrong with a remanufactured engine for a Ford or any brand of car that is ready to ship out. We have built confidence in thousands of customers by living up to our word. Want fast service with award winning quality? Allow us to assist you in the purchase of your remanufactured engine.