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Remanufactured Mustang GT Engines For Sale

Do you have any idea how many Mustang GT engines have been produced? Well the Mustang set the world on fire in 1964 and a half. Without a doubt, the most impactful car introduced in my lifetime. It was so cool in every way, even my mom wanted one. In 1966 Ford introduced the Mustang GT. Believe it or not, we have fast availability to few remanufactured Mustang GT engines for sale for the oldies.

It was a unanimous vote in our family, get a new Ford Mustang. My dad bought one in 1965, a brand new Mustang with the straight 6 cylinder 250 cubic inch engine and a 3 speed transmission with the floor shifter. It was so cool and I could not even drive. But there was not a dang thing I did not know about on that car, even it’s tiny 6 cylinder engine.

Mustang is actually Fords third longest running model, only being outlasted by the F-series pickups and in foreign lands the Falcon is still in production. Trivia.

The first Mustang GT engine was a 289 cubic inch V8. Man was it bad. It had a sold lifter camshaft [we use hydraulic lifters or no lifters nowadays]. Solid lifters mean serious high performance business. Ford decided on an aluminum intake manifold and a Holley 4 barrel carburetor. It also had dual exhaust and an exhaust crossover pipe between the dual exhaust runners coming off the exhaust manifold. Quite simply, it set the grounds for pony cars and the competition that exists today.

A plethora of GT engines have been produced over the years. I can’t even list all of the GT motors made for Mustangs. During the years the Mustang was a small car, it had a 4 cylinder GT engine. The other entries such as the Pontiac Firebird were dropped in 2002, and a few Mopar GT type cars [Barracuda, Charger, RoadRunner, etc.] have been reintroduced after being out of production for a while.

If you are looking for remanufactured GT engine, perhaps a spicy little number, you arrived at the best place to buy a Ford engine, specifically a Mustang GT engine. Although we inventory engines for all cars, the early Mustang GT engines are like gold. Make the call and find out why remanufacturedenginesforsale.com is where our customers send their friends.