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Remanufactured Porsche 2.7L Engine For Sale.

Remanufactured Porsche 2.7L engine for sale

Remanufactured Porsche 2.7L engine for sale


We Currently Do Not Carry Porsche Engines


Porsche owners are not regular people. Especially older Porsche 911 models built in the 70’s with the 2.7 Liter engine. People who own new Porsche’s have too much money [I’m jealous because I want a new 911 Turbo]! However, I do own a 1970 Porsche 911 RS with a 1977S 2.7 Liter motor with direct injected Bosch CIS fuel injection system. Simply put, don’t trust just any engine replacement company to supply you with a Remanufactured Porsche 2.7L Engine For Sale.

The 2.7L Porsche engine is a flat or pancake engine. It has 180 degree opposing cylinders. It is made out of an aluminum alloy, originally in the late ’60’s and into the early ’70’s the engines and transmissions were made out of titanium alloys. Titanium proved to be too soft and not durable enough to with stand the beatings people gave these engines which is why they went to aluminum.

Noteworthy, If you own a vintage P-car similar to mine, than you are a car nut and know the best cars ever built when you see one [all 911 Porsche cars]. Without a doubt, Porsche is the best engineered car in the world. I’m not being biased either. Since I have remanufactured my own motor and transmission and restored the whole car to a monetary number I can’t disclose just in case my wife is reading this. LOL.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like working on my Porsche [or finding reasons to] myself. Not everyone is qualified to re manufacture a Porsche engine, that includes a lot of excellent professionals. I respect the ones who know enough to stay away. They require unusual precision and extraordinary skills to re-manufacture. The parts are expensive too, only use parts with the factory name ”Porsche” on it. Aftermarket brands are questionable at times.

So, here is the only poor engineered part or area I have found on my 2.7L engine. It’s called the ”cold start injector”. It has to be in good shape or the car will not start or it will run poorly. My recommendation regarding this valve and a remanufactured engine is simple, if you don’t get a brand new factory cold start valve on your freshly re-manned engine, don’t buy it.

When I redid my engine, the cold start valve checked good. So I reused it. Well, it’s been about 7 years since I redid my motor and the other day was the first time it did not start right up. I went through a diagnostic testing cycle and narrowed it down to the cold start valve. Here is the problem, it is impossible to see since it’s on the front of the motor [the motor is in the back of the car].

With that in mind, it is actually easier and faster to remove the engine to replace it. Since I can visualize it and have a nice mirror to put behind it so I can see the valve, I am slowly removing it blindly [engine in the car]. I’ll get it done in a day or so because I’m not in a rush or racing anyone, plus I have to be careful since I had shoulder surgery 3 months ago.

My suggestion is to make sure you purchase a remanufactured 2.7L Porsche engine with a new ”cold start valve”. Looking for a Porsche engine? Rest assured our re-manned P car engines are built by a rare breed of specialists and come with new factory original cold start valves. Call now, you know you want one.