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Chrysler 8.0L V10 Engine For Sale

The Chrysler or Mopar 8.0L V10 gasoline engine is one of the LA family of engines. Essentially it is a standard 90 degree V block, except it has 10 cylinders. Calculating 8 liters at 61.5 cubic inches per liter we get a 492 cubic inches [Chrysler says 488?]. The Chrysler 8.0L V10 engines for sale come in several forms and were originally used in the Viper when it was introduced in 1992 and eventually made it’s way into the Dodge pickup line, making for one fast pickup truck.

Trying to find some original and interesting information on this motor is like pulling teeth. Everything I find is probably from the same source, and I seek to be unique. A few minor details then a story. It is the only engine in the LA engine family with an aluminum block, instead of cast iron. Which makes it very light in weight for such a large engine.

Prototype blocks were cast by Lamborghini. Other than that, it is a fairly straight forward ohv engine. Nothing fancy like OHC [overhead camshaft], or deviations from a standard OHV motor.

So, here is my story. Several years ago [in 2006] I sold my transmissions shop of 26 years. Well the new owner bought a brand new Viper with the V10 engine and all options available right away. It was hot yellow.

As some of my regular readers may know, I’m a biker. I own three Harley’s. All of them are hot. Simply put, they eat rice rockets. My sleeper is my 1985 full dresser. It’s good looking bike, very high tech, with a giant stroker motor that has good manners.

We are leaving work one day [before my duties to stay on for 3 weeks during the changeover] and I yelled at him ”wanna race?” He was very arrogant and said ”sure, you will be reading my tag, want to go title for title?” I said ”no”, ”lets go”.

Well we both hit it at the same time, and he was in shock when he finally caught me as I backed off at 100 mph. I though he was going to push his gas pedal throught the floor.

Regardless of the result, that was a fast car. It was not a fair race anyway, since I knew my bike was going to beat him. I need to mention that I was not being very responsible racing on the street. I don’t do it anymore, and you should not either.

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