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GMC Savana 2500 Van Engine for Sale

The GMC Savana Van is a full sized van made by General Motors for the GMC lineup. Nearly identical to the Chevy Express vans except for minor exterior trim details and interior packages. The GMC Savana 2500 van engines for sale are the same as the Express van engines. You need a remanufactured engine, we got it. Officially, the Savana van was introduced in 1996 and is still in production.

So far there are two generations of Savana van made. In fact, Chevrolet refers to their van as a Chevy Savana too, so don’t become confused. The vans are built on a GMT800 light truck and SUV chassis for extra durability and load carrying capacity.

One thing the Savana van was not short of was engine options. From 1996 to 2002 GMC offered no less than 8 engine options. This was the first generation of Savana vans.
Here is a list of engines offered from 1996 to 2002;
4.3L Vortec 4300/L35 V6 (1996–2001)
4.3L Vortec 4300/LU3 V6 (2002–present)
5.0L Vortec 5000/L30 V8 (1996–2002)
5.7L Vortec 5700 L31 V8 (1996–2002)
6.5L V8
7.4L V8 (1996–2000)
8.1L Vortec 8100/L18 V8 (2001–2002)
6.5L turbo-diesel V8 (1996–2002)

The second generation Savana van has an abundance of engine options available too. Made from 2003 to present times, it is only outsold by the F series Ford van, and not by much. Offering the Duramax 6.6L diesel, the engine lineup is one of the most complete of all. Here is a list of the engines offered in the second generation Savana vans;
4.3L Vortec 4300/LU3 V6 (2002–present)
4.8L Vortec 4800/LR4/LY2 V8 (2500/3500, 2003–2009)
4.8L Vortec 4800/L20 Flex-fuel V8 (2500/3500, 2010–present)
5.3L Vortec 5300/LM7 V8 (2003–2007)
5.3L Vortec 5300/LMF Flex-fuel V8 (2008–present)
6.0L Vortec 6000/LQ4 V8 (2003–2006)
6.0L Vortec 6000/LY6 V8 (2007–2009)
6.0L Vortec 6000/L96 Flex-fuel V8 (2010–present)
6.6L Duramax LLY turbo-diesel V8 (2006–2009)
6.6L Duramax LMM turbo-diesel V8 (2010–present)

Having put this info into writing, it’s just as important for most consumers to know what replacement engine options are available. As you can see, we specialize in remanufactured engines for sale. By doing so our focus is on one option only, therefore we can put all of our efforts into remanufactured engines. Call one of our specialists today and find out how cost effective a remanufactured engine can be. Call remanufacturedenginesforsale.com now.