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Mercedes Diesel Engine for Sale

We offer the 2.7L and 3.0L Mercedes diesel engines for the Sprinter Vans.

Mercedes Benz may be the best known automobile in the American car market that uses diesel engines. I remember in the ’60’s, my best friends mom had a Mercedes with a diesel engine and 4 speed manual shift on the column. My cousin T-Bone had a 1959 Mercedes 190 with a tiny 4 cylinder diesel. Stocking remanufactured Mercedes diesel engines for sale is one way we get our customers back on the road fast.

In 1935 Mercedes introduced the OM138 2.5L diesel engine, their first of many to come. Every Mercedes engine starts life in Stuttgart-Bad, Germany.

Mercedes has always been a leader in diesel engine technology. Mercedes uses one of the most effective ways to control emissions. The BlueTec Technology Mercedes invented in 2006 is possibly the most efficient emission system in the world, and now covers all Mercedes diesels from 2009 and up.

A remanufacured Mercedes diesel engine is the most reliable way to re-new your engine if the need becomes necessary. Mercedes is a world class car, known for lasting forever. There is a reason people buy Mercedes Benz diesel cars, it is for the uncompromising individual who wants one of the safest and most reliable cars made. It’s logical to assume the same individual would want the equivalent in a replacement engine.

Our remanufactured Mercedes engines are prepared in the same meticulous manner as the factory prepared the original engine. We remanufacture everything including the fuel injectors and ignition system. For all practical purposes, this is what we call a ”turn key” engine. It’s a complete engine ready to be installed, then all you have to do is ”turn the key” and your off.

No one likes being put in this situation, it’s scary and frustrating, so, when you buy a remanufactured engine from Remanufacturedengines.com, you are buying peace of mind and pure value as well, nothing can replace that. Find out how affordable a remanufactured Mercedes diesel engine is. Some engines ship for free. Call now.