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2008 Pontiac Grand Prix Engines for Sale L36, L67, L32, L26

Although Pontiac closed it’s doors forever to the public on April 27th 2009, the legend itself will live on in the hearts of loyal Pontiac enthusiasts everywhere. The first Pontiac automobile was introduced in 1907 by the Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works. Gm introduced Pontiac to their lineup in 1926. I was reminded of what a great name Pontiac was when we got a call for a remanufactured 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix engine for sale.

2008 was the last full year GM made the Pontiac Grans Prix. For 2008, Pontiac did not offer the GT trim and engine package, but continued to offer both a base and GXP drive-train package. The base trim is offered with a 200 horsepower 3.8L V6 engine. The Pontiac Grand Prix was replaced by the G8 for the 2008-2009 model year. Production for the G8; however, ended in June 2009.

The Grand Prix went through seven generations since it’s inception in 1962. It was a full sized personal luxury-performance car in it’s first and second generations. As it evolved into a smaller front wheel drive automobile in 1988, the process of refining the GP into a midsized performance luxury car continued up to 2008, with only three engines being offered;
The 3.8 L V6 [L36]
The 3.8 L supercharged V6 [L67]
The 5.3 L V8

Pontiac offered two Series ll 3.8L engines in 2008. The 3.8L V6 came in two forms. Pontiac made a naturally aspirated [fuel injected, no turbo] engine coded L36, and a supercharged version coded the L67.

The Series lll motors were also offered in 2008 [confusing]. The L26 is a naturally aspirated 3.8L engine, and the L32 is a 3.8L supercharged. The biggest difference between the Series ll L67 and the series lll L32 is, the L32’s electronic throttle control, slightly improved cylinder head design, and it now used an updated Eaton supercharger.

The 5.3L V8 offered in the 2008 Grand Prix is a bit of a mystery to me. GM made the LM7, LM4 and the L59 LS Generation lll 5.3L or 5300 CC engines.

They also offered a Generation lV LS series 5.3L V8 coded LY5, LMG and LC9. This is where RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com comes in handy. First off, they can decipher and determine exactly which engine is in your car with the VIN [vehicle identification number]. Obviously getting the exact correct engine is important.

Equally important is the integrity and peace of mind we build into every engine we sell for a Grand Prix or what ever vehicle you drive. Allow RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com to council you on which engine option will serve your interests the best. We have the finest remanufactured engines on the market. Call one of our sales representatives now.