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Buy Remanufactured Ford Contour Engines Remanufactured

The Ford Contour Engine Paved the Way for the Ford Fusion

When the Ford Motor Company introduced the Ford Contour in 1995 it introduced a sister model called the Mercury Mystique that same year. These two new Ford stars replaced the Ford Tempo and the Mercury Topaz. Buy Ford Contour Engines Remanufactured by the best facility in the country for less now.

The CDW27 platform was a 6 billion dollar investment for Ford so the larger Ford Fusion was introduced in 2005 to recoup some of that investment since the Contour and the Mystique were dropped from production in 2000, and the Mexico’s Mondeo model when out of production in 2003.

Originally the Contour GL and LX models had a 125hp 2.0L Zetec inline four cylinder engine with a 5-speed transmission. The SE model was equipped with the 170hp 2.5L Duratec V6, but this engine was optional on the other two trims. A four speed automatic transmission was an option on all models. In 1996 Ford introduced the “Sport” model in both the 2.0L 4 cylinder and the 2.5L V6.

The Zetec and the Duratec Engines Started a Marketing Trend for Ford

The Zetec 2.0L inline 4 cylinder engine was designed to replace the 1.6L to 2.0L “Zeta” engines that were introduced in 1991. The company used the Zetec name to market cars throughout Europe, and the company introduced the name to the US market with the Contour. The name caught on so Ford decided to use the name to market other hi-tech engines in the Ford lineup. The name is still used in Europe even though the original Zetec design ended in 2004.

A 3.5L V8 Cosworth Formula One engine also carried the name Zetec even the technology was completely different. The Benetton team used the engine in 1994 and won their first World Championship.

The modern Duratec engine is an all aluminum DOHC V6 with a 60° bank angle. The engineering expertise came from Porsche who developed a similar engine before selling the concept to Ford in the mid-90s. The Jaguar AJ-V6 is also a kissing cousin to the Duratec, but it has variable value timing.

Several different versions of the Duratec 25 engine were produced. The 2.5L Duratec engine was on Ward’s 10 Best Engine list for 1995 as well as 1996, and the SVT version made the list in 1998 and 1999. The SVT version produced 195hp and 165 ft-lbs of torque thanks to a large throttle body, and an abrasive flow machining process on the intake manifold as well as a new cone shape air filter designed for the Duratec 30.

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