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Chevy Aveo Engines Affordable Remanufactured

Chevrolet rolled out the Aveo model in 2002, basically as an updated version of the already popular Daewoo brand, and the car is still manufactured by GM Daewoo, the South Korean subsidiary of General Motors. There have been several different Chevy Aveo Engines, Affordable Remanufactured and ready for delivery, ASAP. Not a van or SUV

The first generation of Aveo, which had trims that went by the names T22 and T250, was usually sold with either a tiny 1.2L S-TEC II or the slightly larger 1.6L E-TEC II engine that incorporated new features such as DOHC (dual overhead cam) and the now popular variable valve timing mechanism.

The current model is widely distributed with the 1.6L ECOTEC engine that is coupled to a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission, delivering 108 horsepower and an impressive 35mpg when installed on either the sedan or hatchback model.

This small engine comes with a variety of special extras not found on similar sized powertrains, such as a replaceable oil filter cartridge and extended life (100,000 mile) timing belt. A new in-line 4-cylinder 1.8L engine is now hitting the market and will be available in a number of countries on newer versions of the Aveo; this new engine will be linked to a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.

These little engines are known for their long life and are usually not suspect to an overtly large amount of maintenance under the original factory warranty. Because of their great fuel economy they are a prime choice for those wishing to install a smallish engine in a vehicle that will accept it.

RemanufacturedEnginesforSale.com is the perfect place to start when looking for a manufactured or rebuilt ECOTEC 4-cylinder engine for the Chevrolet Aveo. I have personally scanned their engine listings and am confident that these folks can produce the exact engine variant requested by the prospective buyer. While it is true that a number of similar engine types exist that compare favorably with those being factory-installed on the Aveo, the ECOTEC 1.6L is a clear favorite, and RemanufacturedEnginesforSale.com will have full details on how to acquire one at an affordable price.

The Chevy Aveo is going to be around for quite some time, even with the recent modifications, and because of its popularity in both the sedan and hatchback, the engines that are installed on this model will likewise be in demand for years. RemanufacturedEnginesforSale.com is the place to go for this manufactured or rebuilt engine type; contact them today and see their complete line of engine packages for yourself