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Remanufactured Auto Engines for Sale

The first remanufactured engine would be hard to pin down. Henry Dodge started the Dodge Brothers business back in the early 1900s. The Dodge Brothers were supplying Ford with engines and engine parts back then. The Dodge Brothers became a vital part of Ford’s business until the brothers finally had enough of Henry’s antics and opened their own auto manufacturing company. Henry decided to take the Dodge engine and rebuild it. Selling the finest Remanufactured Auto Engines for Sale is our only job.

Everybody wants to own a new car, but the best way to get the biggest bang out of an auto investment is to keep the old car and fix it. Remanufactured engines play an enormous role in cutting personal expenses since an automobile is considered the second biggest investment; it’s right behind a home. Investing in a rebuilt engine is an excellent way to cut auto expenses when there’s engine damage that requires major repairs.

A remanufactured engine is not the same as a junkyard engine. Vital engine parts are replaced with new ones that meet or exceed the original equipment and performance standards. A rebuilt engine makes the familiar vehicle more fuel efficient, dependable, less polluting, and more valuable. All cars should be considered an investment that keeps getting better with age.

Some experts say that a remanufactured engine is better than the original engine installed at the factory. The experts say there are always engine issues that have to be repaired or redesigned once engines leave the factory. Remanufactured engine specialists have identified those issues and use better quality parts to replace them. Remanufactured auto engines are reliable, and they are backed with a warranty that usually covers installation expenses.

A rebuilt engine gets better fuel economy. Remanufactured engines are redesigned to be more efficient, plus there is an energy saving benefit since the old engine is reused instead of being discarded. There’s also a raw material savings. New engines require new materials, and the cost of those materials is increasing at an alarming rate.

A recent survey conducted by the Opinion Research Center discovered that 75% of drivers are taking better care of their cars due to fuel costs. People are driving their cars for 200,000 miles or more and then replacing or rebuilding the engine, and when that engine is maintained properly it will perform for another 250,000 miles or more.

We sell remanufactured auto engines. Call Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com is your one stop engine supply company. Call now and speak with an expert.