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Remanufactured Remanufactured Ford Flex Engines for Sale

The Ford Flex is sporty looking high-technology midsized SUV with minivan features for families who don’t want a conventional [boring] minivan. The Flex was introduced for public consumption in 2009, so it’s a newer model car. Only 2 engines are offered at this point, a 3.5 liter Duratec V6 engine, and an EcoBoost V6 engine with 3.5 liters also. Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com has both Ford Flex engines for sale in remanufactured form, updated with the latest parts.

The Duratec engine is part of the Cyclone engine family which is Fords latest DOHC [double overhead camshaft] lineup of V6 engines. Often called the Duratec 35, it displaces 3.5 liters, 3496cc [cubic centimeters] or 213 cubic inches. It was one of Wards top 10 engines of 2007.

Made of a special aluminum alloy to save weight, other hi-tech features include DOHC 4-valves per cylinder, cylinder heads [24 valves], [DAMB] direct acting mechanical bucket camshaft lifters, [iVCT] variable cam timing on the intake camshafts, and [Ti-VCT] independent-twin variable cam timing on other variations.

EcoBoost engines are a new group or family of engines that use a turbocharger, and use direct fuel injection [DFI]. The design allows for more horsepower output and improved fuel economy over larger, heavier, less economical engines doing the same job. Ford hopes EcoBoost is an affordable and versatile option and intends on using it extensively in future vehicle applications.

EcoBoost is an important Ford Motor Company undertaking delivering notable advancements in fuel mileage, up to a 20 percent improvement without sacrificing the extra performance customers demand. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine boldly offers an unusually large 355 horsepower across a broad rpm band, giving Flex the power of a normally aspirated [non turbocharged] 5.4 liter V8 motor while enjoying V6 fuel efficiency.

By 2013, Ford claims more than 90 percent of Ford’s North American lineup will be available with EcoBoost.

The folks who drive the Flex are making a statement, and the new twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 is very much in keeping with that sporty-luxury attitude. It has the power when you need it, with excellent manners and unusual fuel economy. An excellent package.

We know that there are customers who are looking for the power and performance of a traditional V-8 but are not willing to make a sacrifice for fuel economy. No one else in this auto group offers this level of performance and versatility.

Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com features professionally remanufactured Flex engines for the unusual case of an engine failure. Our rebuilt engines have been updated using factory improvements, eliminating problem areas in new generations of equipment and engines. Call now and speak with a trained sales representative now. Enjoy the peace of mind our engines offer.

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