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Few people think of Volvo and think about it as an exciting car to drive. At least not in the same sentence. But the C70 Volvo is an exiting car to own and drive. It’s not inexpensive to buy, and should always be repaired using original grade parts and labor or better. When the experts have engine problems with a Volvo, they Buy Remanufactured Volvo C70 engines from Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com, expecting and receiving the products and services Volvo owners want.

Volvo introduced the C70 in 1997 and introduced a second generation C70 in 2006, which is still in production. The first generation C70 used these engines. Not all of the engines listed were available in the USA, yet some engines and or cars find their way to America and it is important to find an engine recycling company that understands that, and can sell you the right engine the first time.

Generation 1 Engine lineup;
1. 2.0L /168hp Inline 5 cylinder gasoline engine, non turbo
2. 2.0L T3 turbo
3. 2.4L
4. 2.4L turbo / 197 hp Inline 5 cylinder turbocharged engine [USA]
5. 2.3L turbo / 242 hp inline 5 cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine [2002] USA/

The second generation C70 used a similar and equally confusing engine lineup. Which is one really good reason to call, because we have trained engine experts as salespeople.

The Gen. 2 lineup goes as such:
1. 2.4L [168 hp] Inline 5 cylinder gasoline motor
[2006 to 2009]
2. 2.5L [217 hp] Inline 5 cylinder gasoline motor
[2006 – 2007]
3. 2.5L [223 hp] Inline 5 cylinder gasoline motor
4. 2.5L [230 hp] Inline 5 cylinder gasoline motor [2008 – 2009]
5. 2.4L [178 hp] I5 turbo Diesel [in Europe only][2010]

With such a complete lineup of smaller high efficiency engines, the C70 is quite fast and economical to boot. An unusual combination. One of the reasons people buy cars such as the Volvo C70 is because Volvo is known to last a long time and drive well. It is not an arbitrary decision to buy a Volvo.

Inevitably, Volvo owners choose the best replacement option, a fully remanufactured engine using factory original parts or better and all factory improvements and updates to provide a better engine than came in the car.

It should not be an arbitrary decision to buy a replacement engine for a C70 Volvo. Once you make the call to Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com it will be obvious that our representatives are well spoken and interested in solving your problem the best way for you.

Don’t cheat yourself out of the finest remanufactured engines available, and our world class service. Call Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com now for a free quote and find out why our engines give our clients peace of mind