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Remanufactured Mercury Milan Engines for Sale

Mercury decided to add the Milan to its lineup in model year 2006. It is relatively new car based on the Ford C3 platform. It is a mid-sized sedan built by Ford and Marketed by Lincoln-Mercury. Being a fuel efficient car, Mercury used it’s most fuel efficient engines with a 3.0 liter V6 being the largest engine. Remanufacturedengines.com is a full service engine supplier offering precision remanufactured Mercury Milan engines for sale at below cost.

The C3 platform is a global midsize car chassis made by Mazda. Used in the following vehicles: 2003 and up Mazda 6, 2006 and up Ford Fusion, 2006 and up Licoln Zephyr/MKZ, 2007 and up Mazda CX-9, 2007 Ford Edge crossover and the 2007 Linclin MKZ crossover SUV

Engine Application chart:

1. 2006 to 2009: 2.3L Duratec inline 4 cylinder gas engine
2. 2006 to 2009: 3.0 liter Duratec V6 in front wheel drive cars only
3. 2010-2011: 2.5 liter Duratec inline 4 cylinder engine
4. 2010 to 2011: 2.5 liter inline 4 cylinder Atkinson Cycle [hybrids] engine
5. 2006 to 2009: 3.0 liter Duratec V6, AWD [all wheel drive cars]

The Duratec line of engines consists of four, five and six cylinder engines. Made from 1993 to current times, the Duratec line includes engines ranging from 1.3 liters to 6.0 liters. Some of the newer Duratec engines use Ford EcoBoost high tech turbocharging systems to enhance performance without losing fuel mileage.

EcoBoost allows small light weight engines to make similar horsepower larger naturally aspirated engines make, without the extra weight. Naturally aspirated means no turbocharger.

Atkinson cycle engines differ from Otto cycle engines. Atkinson cycle engines are used in Hybrids. Otto cycle engines are the everyday gasoline engine we are accustomed to. You can read more about Atkinson cycle engines here. They are very interesting.

The Milan is a front engine/front wheel drive car, with four wheel drive optional. Ranked by Consumer Reports in 2007 as the most reliable family car in America.

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