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Remanufactured Dodge Caliber Engines for Sale are Pure Value

Remanufactured Dodge Caliber engines are Pure Value

Remanufactured Dodge Caliber engines are Pure Value

Built on the same front engine, front wheel drive global platform used for the Jeep Compass SUV and Dodge Avenger sedan, the Dodge Caliber is only available in one package, a stylish crossover compact 5 door wagon. A 2.0-liter 158-horsepower inline four-cylinder engine is standard, a 2.4-liter 172-hp inline-4 is optional. A VW diesel engine is in the lineup too.

The motors used in the Caliber have been in use in other products and are considered reliable. The Caliber replaced the Neon. The engines used in the Caliber are not prone to sudden unexplained failures, however they do wear out, Remanufactured Dodge Caliber engines are pure value, call right now if you need one.

Chrysler’s approach is through building Global engines. Called GEMA [global engines manufacturing alliance] is a joint arrangement of Chrysler, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi Motors for sharing engines and cutting costs while increasing reliability. Three GEMA engines are offered globally in the Caliber:
1. 1.8 liter GEMA inline 4 cylinder engine
2. 2.0 liter GEMA 4 cylinder engine
3. 2.0 liter VW diesel engine, 4 cylinder
4. 2.4 liter GEMA inline four. Called the ”clean diesel” or a low sulfur engine, it has been on the market since 2003. By promoting its work in developing the “clean diesel”, and other fuel-efficient technologies, designed and offered for increased U.S. sales to environmentally conscious consumers.

A fully remanufactured engine may be a better engine than came in the car originally, if you purchase one from us. Our engines include original equipment or better parts and every known approved factory update. Many customers call back and say the original motor did not run this good.

Thoroughly remanufacturing an engine includes all the direct engine components bolted to it. Like the turbocharger, if it has one, and the ignition system. You won’t get a partially remanned engine that has some of the original used engine parts bolted back on here.

If this sounds interesting, it should be. Our remanufactured engines are very affordable and extremely cost effective. No other replacement engine can offer the true value one of our replacement engines does. We build peace of mind into every engine and give you a warranty to prove it.

Call one of our specialists right now and learn how to choose the best replacement engine for your personal needs.
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