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Fully Remanufactured Lincoln MKX Engines for Sale

Lincoln introduced the MKX to compete in the mid sized luxury CUV [crossover utility vehicle] market. It has been on the market since 2007. It only has one engine option and is built on a front wheel drive/all wheel drive platform.

Although it’s unusual for a newer car to have an engine failure, we should discuss the possibility and how to handle it in the best way. Contrary to popular belief, a remanufactured Lincoln MKX engine for sale is more cost effective to buy than you think. Buying the best, in this case saves big money.

Perhaps you should call right now for your free education and free quote and forgo the rest of this post if you just want a replacement engine and not a bunch of talk. For those interested in said product allow me to provide some education and insight into how to buy an engine which engine may be in your best interests.

The prospect of having to replace a bad engine is not pleasant. An affordable and reliable replacement engine option is a fully remanufactured engine built with better than new parts.

The MKX uses as an all-aluminum DOHC V6 engine called the Duratec 35, one of the many engines from the Cyclone engine family. Consuming 3.5 liters/3500cc/213CID in size. It is the exact same engine used in the Ford Edge.

Duratec is group of Ford engines with four, five and six cylinders. The name Duratec is used on all Ford DOHC [dual overhead camshafts] 4 and 6 cylinder gasoline engine models.

Lincoln decided to make the MKX a front wheel drive vehicle since that is a suitable arrangement. What that means is the engine and transmission and drive assembly are all mounted up front. The transmission and differential are in the same casing, saving space and weight, it’s called a transaxle. If you notice, all are mounted sideways under the hood.

The best way to buy a remanufactured engine is to call a known specialist in the field. Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com sells engines built with pure value. Some people like to speak with a living, intelligent human being. There are always unanswered questions that need answers, and speaking with someone live on the phone is a good way to get a feeling about a place of business.

Call right now and experience our fast friendly customer service. Our goal is to ship your replacement engine within 24 hours. Call now.