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Hyundai Azera Engines for Sale, Fully Remanufactured

Hyundai Azera Engines for Sale, Fully Remanufactured

Hyundai Azera Engines for Sale, Fully Remanufactured


We Currently Do Not Carry Hyundai Engines


Originally introduced in 1986, Hyundai finally decided to call the car the Azera in 2005. Prior to that it was called the the Grandeur. By the fourth generation, the car was officially called the Azera in North America. It is a full sized 4 door sedan built on a FF chassis [Front wheel drive-Front engine].

Being a mid range car, it has plenty of creature comforts and a well designed chassis which provides an excellent ride and handling. One of the features that excites many potential buyers is the engine lineup. Hyundai offers inline 4 cylinder engines for fuel conscious buyers, up to a peppy V6 engine and an inline 4 cylinder diesel engine.

The most important thing about these engines is that they all have substantial power for smaller power plants and the fuel mileage is out of this world. Most modern engines employ light weight materials like aluminum to save weight. Saving weight is an excellent way to improve performance and economy.

If you know what you want already, in particular, a Hyundai Azera Engine for Sale, fully remanufactured to factory specs and having all factory updates built right into the job, call now 1 (877) 630-3873 and read the rest of this post later. Below are all of the engines offered in the Hyundai Azera from 2005 until present times:

1. 2.4 L Theta II I4: Theta is a family of all aluminum 4 cylinder inline gasoline engines. It was developed with Chrysler Corporation as a global engine. Chrysler and Hyundai share technology and parts.
2. 2.7 L Mu V6: The Mu engine is a Kia engine, a variant of Hyundai Delta engine.
3. 3.3 L Lambda V6: Lambda is Hyundai family of modern V6 engines. all are made in America and use an actual timing chain, as opposed to a less reliable timing belt.
4. 3.8 L Lambda V6
5. 2.2 L CRDI VGT diesel I4: CDRI is a type of “common rail fuel injection”. On the diesel engine, it features a high-pressure fuel rail feeding an injection solenoid for each of the 4 cylinders.

Now that you have the lowdown on each engine offered in the Azera, if you need a replacement engine, perhaps a call to Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com and speak to someone who can explain the details of buying a replacement engine will help you decide.

Our remanufactured engines outperform the original engine, and comes with a peace of mind warranty. Give us a call, experience the pleasure real customer support.