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Full Inventory of Remanufactured 5.2 V-8 Dodge 318 Engines

 Remanufactured 5.2 V-8 Dodge 318 Engines

Remanufactured 5.2 V-8 Dodge 318 Engines

It’s amazing that people still need remanufactured Dodge 318 engines. It’s testimonial of the beauty of this engine and the family of engines it comes from. Did you know the 318 was first introduced in 1967 and ran until 1991?

If you need a remanufactured Dodge 318 engine. We have a Full Inventory of Remanufactured 5.2 V-8 Dodge 318 Engines at everyday low prices ready for immediate delivery or shipment. RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com

Want to see a ridiculously long list of vehicles said engine was used in, in different variations?
• 1984–1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue
• 1981–1983 Chrysler Imperial (fuel injection)
• 1968–1981 Chrysler Valiant
• 1977–1981 Chrysler LeBaron
• 1981–1983 Chrysler Imperial
• 1975–1983 Chrysler Cordoba
• Dodge Charger
• Dodge Challenger
• Dodge Coronet
• 1968–1976 Dodge Dart
• 1977–1989 Dodge Diplomat
• 1991 Dodge Dakota
• 1976–1980 Dodge Aspen
• 1971–1972 Dodge Demon
• 1973–1976 Dodge Dart Sport
• 1967–1991 Dodge Ram
• Dodge Ramcharger
• Dodge Ram Van
• 1980–1983 Dodge Mirada
• Plymouth Fury
• 1968–1976 Plymouth Valiant
• Plymouth Satellite
• 1972–1989 Plymouth Gran Fury
• Plymouth Belvedere
• 1976–1980 Plymouth Volaré
• 1968–1974 Plymouth Barracuda
• 1970–1980 Plymouth Duster [Source: Wiki]

It comes from the LA engine family built by Chrysler for factory installations. The family ranges from V8 engines of 273 cubic inches to the Magnum and Viper V 10 cylinder engines. Different from the famous Hemi, using polyshperical combustion chambers.

Because the engine was offered in so many forms, such as a standard base engine with a 2 barrel carburetor, to the Rochester 4 barrel carbureted engines and the Carter ThermoQuad 4 barrel carb used on the cop car engines.

In 1985 the 5.2 liter LA 318 received roller rocker arms and a new fast burn cylinder head design. From 1983 to it’s discontinuation, it was equipped with electronic fuel injection on the Imperial model cars by Chrysler.

Realistically speaking, looking for used engine with any amount of reasonable life left in it is small. Considering the engine was last made about 20 years ago. Which is why we recommend and sell remanufactured models of the motor. We do NOT sell “junk yard” engines.

First off, because it is an older engine, they are quite inexpensive to remanufacture, compared to a modern fully computerized engine. Secondly, each engine receives all of the latest updates, fuel mileage technology improvements, and parts improvements made in the past 20 years.

Once you make the call and find out what the everyday low price is, I think you will be happily surprised and make the decision to buy now. However, if you need more information in order to make a decision, pick the phone up and call for more detailed information. RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com