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Go Green Remanufactured Toyota 22re Engines

Buying a remanufactured engine is more than just buying another engine for your car. I can think of many pros suggesting a remanned engine is the way to go. Price is part of it, but lets discuss a few reasons other than getting the finest replacement engine offered by anyone.

Go Green Remanufactured Toyota 22re Engines save the environment too. Did you stop and think about it? Instead of junking your old engine for another engine, why not buy an exchange remanufactured engine that pollutes the environment less than other forms of replacement engines? I’m not knocking good used engines, but they are not always inexpensive, and when you buy a used motor, what do you think happens to the old engine? It goes into the “junk yard”.

It may sit in the ground for years leaching oils and contaminants into the soil. By purchasing one of our 100% remanufactured engines, which are all prepared in special super clean engine rebuilding facilities designed to contain all contaminants and have them removed by certified professionals, in an appropriate manner, you are making your contribution to your environment and the world.

The 22re is practically a legend. It’s of the R Toyota engine family, which are all inline 4 cylinder engines made for rear wheel drive vehicles only. Called a longitudinal mounting system. Offered from 1981 to 1995 in several forms, continuing to update each successive version to meet the demands of drivers and emissions as things became increasingly modern and technologically advanced.

It just so happens this engine was perfect for trucks and SUV type of vehicles. The 22R engine is the base model. We know the engine family is R, when you add the “E”, that designates electronic fuel injection.

An interesting side note is that there are plenty of hop up parts for the 22re engine. The size and power combined with a very good design has made it a favorite for various forms of racing due to it’s incredible durability.

Realistically speaking, when replacing an engine that was last made in 1995, consider a remanufactured 22re engine as your choice. After you call for the cost, you will find out the engine is very reasonably priced, and the return in miles and trouble free performance makes this an incredible and affordable value.

Take a minute to call RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com and speak with a seasoned expert. Ask the important questions you need an honest answer to. Ask about our peace of mind guarantee and find out what real customer service is all about.