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Neon Engines Remanufactured with Pride

Do you own a Neon with a bad engine? The Neon was first introduced in 1995 and ran until discontinuation in 2005. It’s known as the Plymouth Neon or Dodge Neon in America, and in Europe the Chrysler Neon. For an inexpensive, fuel efficient car, many trim packages were available. Though the drive-line and engines were simple and few.

Because the Neon has been out of production for about 6 years, the most reliable, intelligent and cost effective replacement engine is a remanufactured one. For more than one reason. Call RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com to get more information. You can buy Neon Engines Remanufactured with Pride, for sale at everyday low prices.

Even though lots of trim packages were available in generation one Neons [1995-1999], only 2 engines were offered. Both are 2 liter gasoline engines.
1. Model A588, an inline 4 cylinder engine. It’s one of Chrysler’s most popular motors used in most of the 2 liter 4 cylinder applications.
2. Model ECC, this is a double overhead camshaft engine with a cast iron block. Using 4 valves per cylinder and SFI [sequential fuel injection it’s very powerful for a small engine.

Generation 2 Neon’s only came with the A588 engine. Except for the R/T model. I can’t pin down exactly why the car did not make it, except for terrible safety ratings by the IIHS [Insurance Institute for Highway Safety].

The engine line in 2001 included an R/T trim package with a 2.0 liter SOHC Magnum engine. All Neon’s used American designed engines. As I understand it, the cylinder head of the DOHC version is an exact copy of the Mitsubishi 420A engine.

Here is a quote from the IIHS “In 2005, the Institute carried out side impact tests on 14 small car models, simulating an impact with an SUV. Among these, the Neon performed the worst. IIHS stated that the Neon had “…major problems beginning with its structure. This car is a disaster…The structure is poor…If this had been a real driver in a real crash, it’s likely it wouldn’t have been survivable…if safety is a priority, the Neon is a small car to be avoided”.

You can’t beat the pricing of a properly remanufactured engine considering what it will give back to you. Great lifespan, trouble free performance, and peace of mind, which equals a great value. Did you ever think about this? Buying a remanufactured motor is the GREEN thing to do for our environment?

Instead of junking your old engine and allowing it leach oil and coolants into the ground, at RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com we remanufacture it, thus saving the good reusable parts, like the block, heads and a few more items not deemed necessary to replace. It’s a good feeling to buy a great value and do something good for the earth.

The bottom line for any Neon engine is this. The car was inexpensive to buy and maintain, thus making the engines very cost effective to refresh. Which is perfect for someone on a budget. You really need to call and talk to specialist. It’s the smart thing to do.

Have all your questions answered truthfully, and find out how easy it is to make a decision and buy the right engine with RemanufacturdEnginesForSale.com. “Where our customers send their friends”.