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GMC Engines For Sale

GM’s first approach produced an assortment of engine designs for GMC, but by the 1970s the company saw quite a bit of duplication in engine size and output. The engines were very similar, but the parts were different and that created confusion for customers. That issue along with escalating production costs, due to emission control standards, produced a major dilemma for GMC. The company decided to assign specific names to engines, and GMC divisions began to use parts that were interchangeable on some engines.

Our GMC engines are the same engines that GMC used on various truck models over the years. We sell new as well as remanufactured GMC engines that have been inspected and have warranties to ensure their performance. We have a variety of shipping methods and offer comprehensive information about all the engines we sell.

If you’re looking for vintage remanufactured engines like the 228 cubic inch overhead value small block engine that was produced through 1953, the 236 low deck overhead pushrod engine, or the 248 low deck, which were manufactured through 1955 you have come to the right place.

We offer our clients the 4.4 liter 270, and the inline-6 raised-deck engine that was designed for military use, plus we specialize in the Atlas engines that were introduced to the GMC engine family in 2002. Most Atlas engines are branded under the Vortec name. Atlas models are available as 4-cylinder, 5-cylinder, inline 6-cylinder and V6 engines, as well as inline 8-cylinder, and V8 engines.

GMC truck engines produced from 1962 through 1978 are also available. The 305 V6, which is the old standard 1960s pickup truck engine as well as the 351 V6 used in the 1970s have been remanufactured and are available at very competitive prices. The small block V8 GMC engines are also part of our total engine inventory, and even hard to find engines like the 637 cubic inch V8, which was based on a GMC V6 design is available.

Our professional staff will answer questions, explain our policies, and give detailed descriptions of all of our GMC engines for sale without any sales pressure. Once you identify the engine you need we will help you pick the best shipping method so your engine is delivered quickly and cost effectively.

Our customer service department is always available to answer questions after the engine is delivered. You can depend on our tech support and engine knowledge.