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Remanufactured Cadillac Engines

Remanufactured Cadillac EnginesRemanufactured Cadillac Engines Built with GM Specs

Cadillac took over the company known as the Henry Ford Motor Company in 1902 and is now the second largest automaker in the United States. Luxury has always been associated with a Cadillac and this tradition continues 110 years later. The simple elements in automobiles like lighting and an electric ignition were first offered in Cadillac cars. Our remanufactured Cadillac engines continue the legacy of luxury and performance. We make sure that every motor is tested and approved by our engine specialists before being added to our inventory for sale. Instead of purchasing a new engine, one of our remanufactured Cadillac engines will help save you money.

OEM Quality Remanufactured Cadillac Engines

We have no control over what our competitors sell, but we stand behind every engine that we have available. While it may be difficult for others to find an engine for a 1987 Eldorado, our buying power ensures that we can get this engine for you. Our remanufactured Cadillac engines are all rebuilt with OEM parts. It is not cost effective for you or for us to use aftermarket parts on a Cadillac motor. Our in-house tests are rigorous and demanding for a reason. We promise quality to all of our customers and we deliver on this promise. Our OEM remanufactured Cadillac engines provide you with the performance you expect for a price that is unbelievable.

Extended Warranty on Remanufactured Cadillac Engines

Purchasing a used engine is useless if there is no warranty coverage to help you. Since we do not deal with used motors, this situation never applies to the sales we make to our customers. Our remanufactured Cadillac engines are tested and approved for sale before we place them in our extensive inventory database. Every engine that we sell comes with an extended warranty as our personal guarantee against defects and failures. This prevents you from having issues when you receive your engine. Our remanufactured Cadillac engines meet all requirements by Cadillac for a rebuilt engine. This means that buying a Northstar, HT V8 or LQ1 V6 will be just as good as purchasing a brand new one for instant placement into a Cadillac vehicle.

Unbeatable Price and Shipping for Remanufactured Cadillac Engines

We believe that you should not pay two to three times more than an engine dealer pays when buying an engine. This type of pricing is not helpful and downright offensive. Our remanufactured Cadillac engines are priced to sell and not to sit in a warehouse collecting dust. We know that purchasing a new engine is very expensive and keep this in mind when setting our unbeatable low prices. We give you a free quote on the approximate price you will pay when you fill out our quotation form. You can talk directly to our engine specialists at 1-877-630-3873 to place your order. Our remanufactured Cadillac engines are priced right and delivered quickly to you with a guarantee of your satisfaction.