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Remanufactured Ford 1.9 Engines for Sale

Ford 1.9 Engines for SaleOEM Quality Rebuilt Ford 1.9 Engines for Sale

Ford is one of the longest reigning automakers in the world due to consistent quality and sheer perfection when it comes to design and manufacturing. Auto manufacturing in the 1980s might have taken some hits from foreign manufacturers, but Ford forged through and created the Escort and Mercury Tracer models using the 1.9L engine. We have Ford 1.9 engines for sale that are priced much lower than our competition. If you are rebuilding or replacing a Ford motor, our engines will give you a huge price break.

One of the fascinating facts about Ford Escorts is the excellent fuel mileage. Many Escorts were manual speed transmissions and received 40 mpg or higher. Our large inventory of Ford 1.9 engines for sale will help match you with the right motor for your Ford or Mercury automobile. These engines will last well above 100,000 miles when they are maintained correctly. We sell the highest quality Ford 1.9 engines for sale with true OEM parts.

Clean and Crated Ford 1.9 Engines for Sale

Buying engines from junkyards may be appropriate for some people, but our engine specialists avoid this method when purchasing engines for later sale to you. We know that every engine that is removed from an automobile must be cleaned and reviewed for damage or other problems. We make sure you receive quality Ford 1.9 engines for sale without defects or hidden damage. Our inspection and testing process provides the reassurance you need to not have second thoughts about purchasing our Ford 1.9 engines for sale.

Some of the problems with competing engine dealers happen during the shipping process. Engines are extremely heavy and delicate. They must be packed safely and securely on a pallet to avoid transit damage. Our Ford 1.9 engines for sale are packed professionally on strong pallets and shipped by known carriers. Our shipping prices are not higher than what we are charged by our carrier. This helps us pass along the lowest price for Ford 1.9 engines for sale to you. Our engines are shipped fast to your home, business or service garage.

How to Order Our Ford 1.9 Engines for Sale

A quote is the first part of the ordering process. We do not ask for personal information when providing a quote. We need only the basics to search our inventory of Ford 1.9 engines for sale. Our in stock levels are checked and you receive your quote by email. You can call 1-877-630-3873 if you have questions or would prefer to order by phone. Our friendly engine specialists help you through the process of ordering our Ford 1.9 engines for sale.