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Remanufactured Ford 4.0L Engines for Sale

Ford 4.0L Engines for Sale | Remanufactured Ford EnginesOverhauled Ford Engines at Junkyard Prices

The Cologne V6 might have been produced in Germany, but it was the ideas and design of engine specialists in the U.S. that helped bring this famous engine to life. Unlike earlier versions used in cars and trucks, the 4.0-liter engine had the horsepower and increased torque that was needed for minivans and pickup trucks. 160 pure horsepower is what drivers experienced when the original Cologne V6 was upgraded near the start of the 1990s. We have Ford 4.0L engines for sale at discounted prices that fit easily into several makes and models.

Ford formed a partnership with Mazda to help produce vehicles that used the new series of engines. The Ford Ranger is one of these vehicles and it still remains on the road today. The B4000 designation is the Mazda engine code for the 4.0-liter engines produced in the Ranger. Over 13 years of development and design was put into this engine and U.S. drivers appreciated what was under the hood of their pickup trucks. The year 2009 might have been the phase out of this engine, but it is still going strong in our used motor inventory.

Reconditioned Engines for Ford Ranger, Explorer and Aerostar

Any dealer can make claims that they recondition engines in their inventory, but our definition of the word is what we believe to be the most accurate. Every Ford 4.0-liter that we purchase is put through our multiple point inspection process. We start by disassembling the components and getting down to the bare block. Every part is examined for damage and the excellent parts are professionally cleaned. Any part that needs to be replaced is done so immediately and we rebuild the engine perfectly.

Our testing continues after we revamp a used engine. We test for combustion problems, oil pressure issues and any other type of conflict that happens when the engine is started up. It is during this testing phase that our engine mechanics will determine if the Ford engine should be placed in our inventory for sale or if further work is required. This is part of our promise to you. You should be able to put our engines in your vehicle with no difficulty and get the second life that your vehicle deserves.

Order Our Rebuilt Engines for Ford Vehicles

You can start the order process by receiving an up to date price quote. We make sure we actually have the engine in stock before you place your order. Speak with us by phone at 1-877-630-3837 if you have questions. Ordering our rebuilt motors today will guarantee a fast shipment to your home, body shop or business.