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Remanufactured Ford 460 Engines for Sale

Ford 460 Engines for Sale | Remanufactured Engines for SaleThe 460 is the official name for this legendary Ford engine, but you might know it better as the 385. The Ford 460 was most often found inside of medium-duty trucks used for personal and business use. The muscle car version of this engine found its way into the Ford Cobra Jet series and become popular in its own right. Over 29 years of consistent manufacturing, research and development helped the 385 earn its spot among the most elite engines in the world. Our Ford 460 engines for sale are in excellent condition and preserve the original block. We take extreme caution and care to make sure that every engine that we sell is top notch.

Many Ford 460 engines are used for placement into vehicles other than standard trucks. Police Interceptors and some buses rely on this engine for top speed and performance. Since our engines are all remanufactured, we make it easy to save money without losing performance. We ship our remanufactured engines worldwide within 24 hours of purchase. Our reputation in the engine industry was built on hard work, excellent rebuilds and complete customer satisfaction. If you aren’t happy we aren’t happy either. We work hard to give you the absolute best engine that will give you years of reliability and use.

Ford 460 Engines for Sale with a 36-Month Warranty

We are able to offer you what other engine sellers cannot. Our low price is the first thing and our generous warranty is the second. Because our engines are expertly rebuilt, we warranty the rebuild for 3 years. Your professional installation should give you the dependability that you need and we stand behind our engines. You have no mileage limitations and can drive as usual. We know what a pain it is to deal with warranty service and we make it easy on you. Our engine specialists are the best at what they do and are responsible for our rebuilds and our less than 5% warranty service. We do very little warranty work because we do such a great job remanufacturing Ford engines.

We buy engines that have the lowest mileage that we can find. Some of our engines were pulled from operational vehicles and are in great shape and need little work. Sometimes we have to rebuild an engine from the ground up, but that’s OK because you are getting the best mechanics in the business rebuilding it. This means you are getting a like new engine for less that the cost of purchasing a new Ford engine. Many body shops, mechanics and junkyards use our engines for placement into vehicles or third party sales. We have the same low price either way.

Quick Quote – Toll Free Number – Easy Ford 460 Ordering

Calling 1-877-630-3837 will get you your quote fast or you can use our engine quote form. Check your email to get your low price. We take your business seriously and make sure that all of your questions are answered before and after you order. Our 460 Ford engines for sale are priced right and shipped to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada within one day of ordering.