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Remanufactured Ford 4.6 Liter Romeo Engines for Sale

Ford 4.6 Liter Engines for Sale | Remanufactured Engines for SaleThe Romeo. That’s what Ford calls its 4.6 liter engine. These engines are mostly built inside of the Romeo plant hence the catchy nickname. The Lincoln Town Car was the first installation for the Romeo engine. 1991 was a year of transition for Ford and a lot of the design and development that we see in today’s engines came from this time period. One of the things specific about the 4.6L engine is the fact that it was constantly upgraded and changed by Ford. The success of this engine led to installation in many other cars apart from the Town Car. We have these Ford 4.6 liter romeo engines for sale ready to ship fast.

High Quality Light Truck 4.6L Ford Engines

Ford didn’t just design the 4.6 liter engine for passenger cars. Light duty trucks also make use of this engine for many popular models. A 3-valve redesign was made to accommodate the larger horsepower required to move these trucks. The Explorer and some F-Series models have this engine under the hood and ready for all the rigors that come with hauling and transportation. A 4-valve design was also designed as a V8 version. The Lincoln Mark VIII and Continental made use of this engine. We buy these engines from reputable engine sellers that we trust and know that deliver exceptional quality. We don’t settle for low quality used engines and pass them off to you.

Ford 4.6 Liter Romeo Engines for Sale with a Warranty

We don’t leave you hanging after we ship you an engine. We know that we do everything that we can during the rebuild to make every engine stand out. This does not mean that a valve won’t fail or another problem when you start putting a lot of miles on a 4.6 engine. One thing that we do not do with our warranty is restrict the mileage that you can drive. Telling you how much you can drive defeats the purpose of driving your vehicle. It can be a real pain dealing with a warranty company. We make it simple. We rebuild engines and sell them. Therefore we are responsible. We hire the best Ford mechanics to rebuild and repair every engine that we sell. It couldn’t be easier for our customers.

Fast and Safe Shipping Inside the U.S. and Canada 

We sell engines around the world and have complete confidence in our shipping carriers. The majority of our customers are from the continental U.S. and Canada. It does not matter were you live. We crate and ship our engines using expert packaging technology to greatly reduce the risk of damage during transit. We know that the freight companies we use are highly respected in the engine industry. We do not have shipping problems with our 4.6 liter Ford engines. We ship fast right to your door.

Get a Quote for Our Ford 4.6 Liter Engines for Sale

Call 1-877-630-3837 to get a fast quote. You speak to one of our experts and don’t get your time wasted on the phone. If you want to get a quote by email, complete our engine request form. We will give you the lowest price online for a Ford 4.6L romeo engine. No other dealer can match our warranty, low price or shipping speed and cost.