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Chevy Blazer

Chevy Blazer | Remanufactured Engines for SaleChevy research and development lead to one of the earliest versions of the SUV known as the Chevy Blazer. The 2.0L engine that was put inside did not offer a ton of horsepower, but these vehicles are still on the road for a reason. The quality of the GM S-10 Blazer engine cannot be denied. It was one of the only engines to receive two decades of production from a top automaker. Drivers around the world put their lives into the hands of Chevy Blazers everyday and we have the 2.0L in stock that made this vehicle a household name.

We are a user-friendly engine dealer. This does not mean just our website and quotation system is easy to use. We take care of our customers and want them to make us their only engine provider. We have accomplished this not just with our low pricing. This includes the way that we treat someone when they call us or ask us a question that has very little to do with a Chevy engine. We believe in doing customer service the right way and our customers are very thankful for it. We sell to dealerships, mechanics and junkyards. We make remanufactured Chevrolet engines accessible to those that need them at affordable prices.

Chevy Power in our Remanufactured Chevy Blazer Engines

It did not take Chevrolet long to upgrade the 2.0L. Several generations of Blazers were produced and many times the engine was one of the biggest upgrades. From 2.5L to 2.8L and up to 4.3L, we have these engines in stock ready to ship. We don’t sell used engines. Our Chevy engines are all remanufactured right inside of our advanced engine testing facility. Our mechanics computer test every engine to test for horsepower and for gasoline leaks. We can find out fast how many miles are on each engine and make sure that we always buy engines that include low miles. We know that mileage is important and we work hard to give you exactly what you want in reman Chevy engines.

Every engine that we sell comes with our standard warranty. This is a big deal because many sellers never include a warranty. We know the type of Chevrolet engines that can be found by doing a Google search and it is astounding at what is out there. It is why we choose to warranty our remanufactured engines. If you have a problem, we want to know about it. We don’t want your Chevy Blazer to sit on the side of the road and it be our fault. You won’t regret purchasing one of our engines to drop in underneath your hood.

Get an Engine Quote for Your Chevy Blazer Fast

1-877-630-3837 is our toll free number. Call it now to get the lowest price you have ever seen for Chevy S10 Blazer engines. Complete our quote form if you want to get your price delivered right to your email. Our staff works very hard to get a low price and we ship your engine as soon as it is ordered. It’s easy to buy from us. Let the other engine dealers complicate selling remanufactured engines online.