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Dodge Neon Engine

Dodge Neon Engine | Remanufactured Engines for Sale DodgeThe Dodge Neon was one of the most popular cars of the 1990s and early 2000s. Sales of this passenger car helped push the Neon to being one of the most fuel friendly vehicles on the road. As a direct replacement for the Sundance, the Neon took Plymouth and Dodge to new heights. We have the Dodge Neon engine in stock for a low price. The displacements include the most popular 2.0L and the turbocharged 2.4L. We buy used engines that are in great shape and remanufacture them inside of our modern engine shop. We put a lot of hard work into each of our engines to make sure they are the quality that you demand.

You will find that our entire Dodge inventory, not just the Neon, is just as good if not better than buying a new engine. The secret is in the way that we approach every rebuilding job. We have taken the time and money that it takes to invest in our company to make it state of the art. We have evaluated and hired an expert team of engine builders to make sure that every Neon engine is built correctly. This means starting from the block and adding OEM Dodge parts to come up with a perfectly remanufactured engine.

 What You Get with Every Dodge Neon Engine

The first noticeable thing is our very low price. If you are shocked by our low price, you will not be the first customer that has told us so. We hear that a lot and we are proud that we can offer such an excellent price. You get a perfect engine that is about a third of the cost of purchasing a new Neon engine. We also include our free 3-year warranty to protect you against sudden engine trouble or defects that can be present from OEM parts. Some engine sellers that sell on the Internet or auction sites do not care about you after the sale is made. We are different in that respect. You are our customer when you make a purchase and it is our duty to hep you if you have a problem.

We feel that we have the best freight department that money can buy. Trailers full of Dodge engines leave our engine shop each day in route to places all around the country. We negotiate the lowest prices available to ship our engines safely to you. You will not find an inflated shipping cost in our price quotes. We charge you what we are charged and that’s all. We pay the extra cost that it takes to insure every engine that we send. It is our additional gift to you for purchasing our remanufactured Dodge engines.

Dodge Neon Engine Quotes Delivered Immediately

1-877-630-3837 will put you through immediately to our trained engine staff. We answer all of your questions and provide a price quote to you fast. No haggling or trying to sell you something you don’t really need. We take pride in our low price and know you’ll be surprised. If you want an online quote, complete our Dodge Neon quote form. We don’t ask for any personal information and send your quote quickly. Get your low price quote today.