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Remanufactured Ford Fusion Engines for Sale

Ford Fusion Engines | Rebuilt Ford Engines for SaleThe Fusion from Ford put focus on inexpensive luxury cars in 2005. The 2.3L Duratec engine was chosen to be the first placement into the Fusion and it received rave reviews from drivers. After the Taurus and Tempo were retired, Ford needed a new competitor in the low priced luxury car market. The Fusion was created to fill the void and this car is now in its second generation of life in Ford manufacturing plants around the world. You will find Ford Fusion engines for sale in our inventory that are priced low and designed to move quickly. Our engines are purchased in great shape and we put the finishing touches on them to make them perfect.

Both V6 and 4-cylinder versions of the Fusion engine are in stock. The newer generations of the Fusion include the 3.5L displacement and have increased horsepower. We locate used engines that are taken out of dealership cars and we buy these engines to start our rebuild. The first thing that we do when engines arrive is begin the process of inspection. It is important to know what condition each engine is both inside and out before our Fusion mechanics remanufacture these engines. This saves us time during the rebuild and ultimately will save you money on the purchasing end. When you buy engines from our company, we make sure that you get the absolute best that you we can give you.

Get a Warranty with Our Ford Fusion Engines for Sale

We know first hand of the frustrations that come with purchasing an engine that has no protection against damage. Saving money is a good thing, but if you you receive no protection with your purchase it can be an expensive lesson to learn. It is for this reason that we give every customer our standard engine warranty of 3 years. The OEM parts that we buy and install in each motor are expected to last for several years. If our labor or these parts fail, we will replace the part or fix our labor issue fast. We will not leave you stranded or without a running engine because of a mistake that we can prevent. All of our Ford Fusion engines for sale come with our excellent parts and labor warranty.

Shipping cost is never an issue here. You won’t ever pay too much to ship a rebuilt engine to your door. We pass any discounts that we receive from freight carriers along to you. This ensures that you save money with each shipment and you get your rebuilt engine quickly. We know that it is frustrating to order something and wait weeks for it to arrive. We ship quickly to get rid of these scenarios. Each Ford motor that we ship arrives on time and in great condition.

 Quick Engine Quotes for Ford Fusion Engines for Sale

Enter the information about the Fusion engine that you need through our quote form. We email you our price fast. If you want to call, no problem call us at 1-877-630-3873 we’re waiting to help you right now. You get a great price, fantastic service and the chance to speak with knowledgeable experts that know about remanufactured Ford engines.