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Remanufactured Ford E-Series Wagon Engines for Sale

Ford E-Series Wagon Engines for Sale | Remanufactured EnginesFord E-Series vans have been in production for more than 30 years. Most people remember these as the Econoline van, but Ford changed the name to be more hip in the 2000s. The newly named E-Series still contain the famous 4.6L engine and 5.4L engine that made these vans popular for standard and commercial use. The V8 engine has been the staple in most medium-duty and heavy-duty Ford vehicles and the E-Series is no exception. These engines have high torque to be used for pulling and towing applications and are one of the biggest selling points. You can find Ford E-Series Wagon engines for sale in our remanufactured engines inventory.

Since you are not here to learn about the accomplishments of the Econoline van, we will inform you about what you will receive when you buy our engines. The first is our E-Series low price. Our engine team of experienced buyers has contacts with Ford dealerships around the country. Many of our engines are pulled out from dealer loaned vans or leased vehicles. This allows us to remanufacture these engines without totally rebuilding them from scratch. Rebuilding an engine with 100,000 miles will not give you the same performance of a gently used engine. Our engines have lower miles and are certified Ford engine products.

3-Year Ford E-Series Wagon Engine Warranty

You also get our hassle-free warranty coverage when you buy our reman engines. Our warranty documentation is not hard to understand and you don’t need a lawyer to review it. We make the language clear to understand. We protect you for 3 years against OEM part failure and our labor. This means that if we did something to cause an issue or a part fails it will be fixed. You can drive as many miles as you want because we don’t tell you that you cannot. Some warranties from other sellers are less than 6 months in length. We know this is not long enough and want to be sure you are free from potential damage when you buy our Ford E-Series Wagon engines for sale.

Aside from our lower than MSRP pricing and great warranty, we have the best testing that you will find outside of a Ford dealer. Our dynamometer testing includes the oil, fuel and electrical system. These areas are some of the most common parts that fail and we won’t let it happen to our motors. We run a full diagnostic report after each rebuild to ensure that what we have built is as close to a brand new E-Series engine as you can get. We know these engines are going to be used in different ways and we give you the OEM Ford qualities that you demand.

Ford E-Series Wagon Engines for Sale Price Quote

1-877-630-3873 is the number to call to get your no-hassle price quote. We mean it. All you get is our price in under a minute. We don’t up-sell you or talk you into our E-Series engines. We just hand out our low price and leave it up to you. Our quote form can generate an email price quote. Try it out. You won’t have to keep searching the Internet for the lowest remanufactured engines price. Get it here.