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Remanufactured Ford SVT Lightning 5.4L Engine

Ford SVT Lightening 5.4L Engine | Ford Remanufactured Engines for SaleFord has built very few experimental F-150 pickup trucks. The reason for that is that many trucks are very popular and there is no reason to build something new. The SVT Lightning was an experiment that lasted about 6 years. The 5.4L engine was put into this F-150 variant and was used as a major competitor to the Chevrolet trucks. Ford wanted two different F-150 models to beat out Chevy sales and they accomplished this task. Although the SVT was discontinued, the 5.4L engine that was inside of it was not. We have this engine in stock and our price for this Ford SVT Lightning 5.4L engine will absolutely shock you. You’re not buying from a dealer here. We save you money.

The V8 5.4-liter engine is one of the most powerful that Ford has ever designed. It is actually used in more than one truck. Many of the standard Ford F-Series trucks use this engine as well as the Econoline series of vans. We not only get you a good price on this engine, we also make sure that it is remanufactured expertly. Our remanufacturing process is probably a lot different than an average engine shop. For some reason, it has been commonplace for small engine dealers to change a hose or two and call a used engine remanufactured. We completely disassemble every 5.4-liter engine to start the remanufacturing process.

Dyno Tested Ford SVT Lightning 5.4L Engine 

Since our tools and our bare hands rebuild our engines, we are able to tell you about the exact process that we use to get you such a great deal. Our Ford mechanics have completed engine rebuilding programs and are masters when it comes to remanufacturing engines. Each part is put on by hand one-by-one until an engine has been rebuilt from the ground up. We connect every engine to our dyno testing computer. All of our work up to this point will be verified by our computer testing process. We know instantly about compression ratios, electrical issues and any gasket leaks that can all stop an engine from functioning after installation. The 5.4L engine mileage is verified and what you get is a true V8 powered remanufactured Ford engine for sale.

Our work is covered by our generous warranty that is included with each engine purchase. This includes our labor and the manufacturer parts warranty. Every engine that we sell from our inventory is covered and you don’t have to be restricted when using our Ford engines. We process orders very fast. Our shipping is something that will impress you apart from our low prices. In just a few days from today, you could have one of our 5.4L Ford engines arriving at your doorstep.

Price Quote for Ford SVT Lightning 5.4L Engine 

Calling us toll free at 1-877-630-3873 is all that it takes. Our representatives are trained and very knowledgeable about remanufactured engines. We are not salesmen. This number is our quote line. We process online quotes fast too when you tell us what you need. The steps are easy. Fill out the form, click send and our lowest 5.4L price finds its way to your email.