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Remanufactured Ford Mercury Topaz 2.3L Engines for Sale

Ford Mercury Topaz 2.3L Engines for SaleThe Mercury Topaz was produced for over a decade as one of Ford’s go-to automobiles. The Tempo and Topaz competed directly together and each had the 2.3L engine inside. This 4-cylinder engine would go on to be used in some versions of the Mustang and later in the Focus. Much of the features were adapted from the Escort by Ford and the Topaz is still on the road today in every country in the world. In our inventory, you can find the Ford Mercury Topaz 2.3L engines for sale as well as many other Ford 4-cylinder engines that are ready to ship. Our prices are low and most customers consider them to be the lowest online. Try us.

Few I4 engines were able to top the 100 horsepower mark although the Topaz engine did. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for its decade of success. Many 4-cylinder engines top out at around 80 horsepower and provide very little in terms of torque. Our Mercury engines are purchased right from actual dealerships and distributors that have a surplus of these engines. These engines are used and we inspect them to ensure they meet our approval before we take them and remanufacture them inside of our factory. Each of these used engines comes in used and leaves totally remanufactured by our expert mechanics.

OEM Ford Mercury Topaz 2.3L Engines for Sale 

You get quality, performance and a great price for what we sell. You also don’t have to worry if your rebuilt engine is genuine. We purchase all of the factory parts that are applied during remanufacturing straight from authorized Ford parts dealers. This means that our parts stay OEM and are not substituted for a cheaper part. This maintains the original design of our 2.3L engines and gives you legitimate OEM quality. Buying a used engine can come with some surprises that we avoid. You pay us to give you a complete engine that is a genuine Ford product and that’s exactly what we provide. There are no surprises.

When our mechanics finish a Topaz rebuild, the engine is brought to our testing facility where we conduct further testing. These series of tests will verify the final condition of each engine and how it performs when compared to Ford specifications. We make sure the oil compression is correct and nothing is out of place or lacking in functionality. These tests are a crucial part of building our reputation as engine rebuilders and we never skip this step. This is more than likely what makes us very different from an average online engine dealer. We care about quality and what our customers put into their Ford-Mercury automobiles.

Ford Mercury Topaz 2.3L Engines for Sale Price Quote 

Before you can enjoy one of our engines, we have to give you our low price first. You can get it in two ways. Use our Mercury Topaz quote form and enter the details of your engine request. It takes less than a minute and you’ll get access to our pricing. Call us at 1-877-630-3873 and you’ll get our price right on the phone. When you buy engines from www.remanufactureenginesforsale.com, you get high quality with the lowest price currently available for Mercury engines.