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Remanufactured Geo Prizm Engines

Remanufactured Geo Prizm Engines | Rebuilt Toyota EnginesGeo was one of the most popular compact cars of the 1990s. First introduced in 1994, the Geo Prizm set the pace for the remainder of the century with a sleek 1.6L or upgraded 1.8L Toyota engine. A collaboration between Chevy and Toyota took place and GM used its U.S. marketing power to move sales of the Prizm for close to a decade. You came to the right website when you landed on www.remanufacturedenginesforsale.com. Our inventory is huge and what we put in it are quality rebuilt Chevrolet and Toyota engines that fit just right into a Prism of any year. Our pricing is kept to a minimum to help reduce the price you have to pay for remanufactured Geo Prizm engines.

Researching a rebuilt engine can lead you down one of two paths. The first path is the best way and you get to deal with reputable mechanics like the ones we employ. The second path is one the some people unfortunately go down. A poorly rebuilt engine is offered and the high mileage and cheap parts make the engine degrade faster. You get better service than that here. What you get is something that is right out of a running Geo Prizm. These engines are pulled out and we buy them and bring them inside of our engine facility for a complete redo.

Remanufactured Geo Prizm Engines 

We buy parts in bulk but only from OEM sellers. Our parts inventory is almost as full as the engine inventory that we stock. To make a long story short, here’s how we handle each Geo rebuild. Engines are looked over by our expert staff of mechanics. These pros makes notes and then begin the stripping off of the old parts. A cleaning process is performed on each engine to ready it for a proper rebuild. Each 1.6L or 1.9L engine is completely built by one mechanic at a time and this process takes several days to complete. What we are left with is a Toyota-Chevrolet engine that is immaculate and looks close to a brand new Prizm engine.

Perhaps our low pricing is what attracts buyers to our website or the large inventory that we have. We don’t have to ask anyone. We hear compliment after compliment about what we do right and what other dealers selling Geo engines online do wrong. We use all of the information and feedback to rebuild engines better. If there are any problems, we detect them in our dyno testing. Every customer leaves our website satisfied or we don’t feel like we accomplished anything. We run a professional company and literally do everything in our power so that each of our customers that need a rebuilt engine have a remarkable experience.

Remanufactured Geo Prizm Engines Pricing

Coming here to this website is a great decision that you made. You can take advantage of all of the things we offer and you won’t ever worry about engine problems in the future. Our Geo Prizm quote form will get you our online price quote. You can call 1-877-630-3873 if you are ready to order or if you need extra information. We’re very friendly people and understand concerns and questions before you make an investment into a Geo engine. Try us today.