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Oldsmobile 88 Remanufactured Engines

Oldsmobile 88 Remanufactured Engines | Rebuilt EnginesOldsmobile was a subsidiary of General Motors until is closure in 2004. The Oldsmobile 88 was the most talked about car for 50 years. GM rolled more eighty eighty cars off of its production line than any other car in GM history. The powerful V6 engine was always the engine used from the late ’70s forward. The 3.8L was updated as time went along after series I, series II and the supercharged versions. The 88 remained consistent in the its engine and we have Oldsmobile 88 remanufactured engines ready for shipment right now. We promise our customers that we give low prices and excellent service. We make good on these promises at www.remanufacturedenginesforsale.com.

Oldsmobile engines are only as good as the person or company that owned them previously. We know this and only trust a certain group of wholesalers and distributors. If you didn’t know, all rebuilt engines must start out as a used engine. The difference with the GM engines that we offer is clear. We start only with engines that have not surpassed a certain mileage ratio. We do this because it offers more value with our engines and thousands of extra mileage can be put on them easily. This is what rebuilt engines should be and only what we offer here on our website.

Oldsmobile 88 Remanufactured Engines

We understand the position of every customer that inquires about our engines or places an order for one. We are the ones inside of our engine shop and not our customers. No one else can see the hard work that goes into a rebuild. The only thing we can do is to accurately describe everything in our inventory. It’s hard to buy remanufactured engines without testing them for yourself. This is why we put so much of our daily time into testing engines. It is the tests that are so important to us and we make sure that our trained mechanics do testing right. We have employees that build engines and employees that test them. We keep it separate to evaluate the work of each person.

We know what goes into our engines and our customers find out after installation. What won’t happen is a failure that was caused by our labor or testing. OEM parts take on a life of their own and we do not know if they will suddenly fail. What we do is extend the 3-year parts warranty that most OEM components include. This comes with our labor warranty protection for each Eighty Eighty V6 engine for sale. This protection does not cost extra. We give it out for free and know every customer will have the needed assurance in the General Motors engines we sell.

Oldsmobile 88 Remanufactured Engines Quotes

Quotes are standard in the rebuilt engines business. Pricing is competitive although we do not want to compete. We like to dominate and we do. Our pricing is easy to get by completing the Oldsmobile 88 quote form we built for you. Get our price or call 1-877-630-3873. We are your rebuilt engine partner online. Our V6 engines are perfect and ready for shipment anywhere in the world right now.