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Pontiac Sunfire Remanufactured Engines

Pontiac Sunfire Remanufactured Engines | Rebuilt Pontiac EnginesPontiac Sunfire was the full-time replacement for the Sunbird. Each of these automobiles made use of the 2.2L General Motors engine. One of the biggest changes with the newly created Sunfire was the addition of two other models. Where the Sunbird was only a compact car, the Sunfire was also a convertible and a sedan. This did help send the sales for this vehicle soaring over its 11-year production run. The 2.2L OHV engine gave plenty of horsepower and excellent gas mileage. You will find these Pontiac Sunfire remanufactured engines are great prices in our warehouse. We treat all customers excellent here and high price tags are not allowed.

The original Sunfire engine was eventually replaced by the Ecotec series. Both the engine and the actual Sunfire vehicle were replaced although hundreds of thousands are still in use. Finding these engines for some might be an issue but not for us. The talented staff that we have knows where to purchase a 2.2L engine that we use to rebuild. The condition of engines that come out of our engine shop is amazing. We are one of few dealers online that have the capability to remanufacture a Pontiac engine and make it comparable to something that is brand new.

Pontiac Sunfire Remanufactured Engines

Getting a Pontiac engine remanufactured should not be hard for a customer. We have found with research that not every engine rebuilding shop puts out the same quality. A lot of the issues have to do with not using genuine parts and starting the rebuild from an engine that cannot be saved. It is the low mileage 2.2L engines that we start with. We know from our own training and experience that these will respond best to the rebuilding work we complete. Nothing can be done with a high mileage motor regardless of who attempts it. The Sunfire is one of the brands that we specialize in when rebuilding Pontiac engines for sale. We do it right on the very first try.

We keep the legacy of Pontiac alive with our skills. The spec sheets that Pontiac puts out for each builder to follow are followed closely here. This is how none of our 2.2L engines get returned to us for a problem. Although we give warranty extensions, we are not a company that has to process these extensions. Our mechanics are always updating their training and putting out the best 4-cylinder engines. The hard to find Pontiac engines and the late model engines are always easy to acquire from our company. It is super simple to get a quality rebuilt engine from us.

Pontiac Sunfire Remanufactured Engines Prices

If it’s a low price you want, we definitely give that to you fast here. Use the Sunfire engine quote form that is available on this website. It will do for you exactly what our engine specialists can do for you on the phone. There is no waiting and you can access the form 24/7/365. Our toll free number is 1-877-630-3873. Call us now and learn just how low our prices are for rebuilt Pontiac engines.