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Plymouth Breeze Remanufactured Engines

Plymouth Breeze Remanufactured Engines | Plymouth Rebuilt EnginesPlymouth Breeze was one of few cars to be produced in the 1990s that was immediately put on the Best Engines List. The Breeze was stylish and did not come with the higher prices that most luxury sedans came with. The 2.4L Neon engine was what Chrysler selected to go into the Breeze to give it maximum power. Early models did have a 2.0L version although what is more common is the Neon 2.4L. This engine is the same one that Chrysler used for its Neon and is one of the factors that lead to the success of the Breeze. We are one of few dealers that have Plymouth Breeze remanufactured engines at cheap prices everyday in our warehouse.

The Acclaim went out when the Breeze was produced. Chrysler put its time and money into a modern ’90s version sedan. The strong sales of the Acclaim helped push strong sales of the Breeze in the later part of the 20th century. Regardless of what was offered in terms of amenities, the 2.4L engine still stands as one of the best-selling motors in its class. Our secret to rebuilding these engines is really no secret at all. Much of what our success depends on is the relationships that we have around the country with suppliers of used motors.

Plymouth Breeze Remanufactured Engines

We have the choice of building an engine and making it OEM or putting cheap parts on it. There are plenty of other so-called remanufacturing shops that use cheaper parts. We know we can raise our profits and make some serious money if we followed suit. The 4-cylinder success that we have had with our rebuilt engines is one reason we stick to OEM parts. The same engine distributors we use to procure used engines are the ones that sell us Mopar parts. It is these parts and only these  parts that get installed here. What each engine goes through is nothing short of miraculous. Our talented Plymouth mechanics turnout great 2.4L Neon engines.

We do provide a warranty. We do provide customer service. We basically offer everything that other sellers refuse to offer or honor. A variety of junkyards place orders from this very website each day. Not just junkyards use what we sell. We sell to salvage businesses, body shop mechanics and average drivers that plan Plymouth Breeze engine swaps. Nothing that leaves our warehouse inventory is in bad shape or looks bad. The testing that is performed inside of our facility rivals that of Plymouth engine plants. The 2.4L 4-cylinder engines that we rebuild are always ready for install and are always amazing.

Plymouth Breeze Remanufactured Engines Quotes

Since we are professionals, the quotes we provide are completely accurate. We don’t trick you with a low price and then jack it up before you order. Try our quote form. It will give you our price, any shipping charges and estimate the delivery time to your door. This is by far more than most sellers are willing to do for you. Call us at 1-877-630-3873. Let us explain our 2.4L engine a little more and answer any questions you still have about our remanufactured engines.