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Rebuilt GMC CK Pickup Truck Engines

Rebuilt GMC CK Pickup Truck EnginesGMC C/K pickup trucks were the exact same truck as the Silverado series branded under Chevrolet. These trucks were one of the last vehicles that were built based around the Generation I engine from Chevy. This small-block engine was V8 configured and gave no loss in power. General Motors pioneered development of its small-block engine in the 1960s. The Vortec 5700 is the C/K engine that we have for sale right now. Searching rebuilt GMC CK pickup truck engines can bring up a lot of searches in Google, Bing or Yahoo. You landed on our company website because we care about pricing engines to make them affordable for you.

GMC started putting the 5.7L Vortec into C/K trucks in 1996. This was the year of change for GMC and many of its engines were being upgraded by the following year. Sagging sales figures and lack of consumer demand saw GMC slip for the first time in decades. The slightest change can sometimes make for something miraculous to happen. The C/K pickup trucks boosted GMC sales around the world. Once again it was in direct competition with its big brother called Chevrolet. The 5.3L Vortec eventually replaced the 5.7. We have both engines in our current inventory.

Rebuilt GMC CK Pickup Truck Engines 

While the modern day 5.7L is licensed to the marine industry, we still do all rebuilding work for pickup truck engines. A process of remanufacturing engines is one that is not without a lot of time and work. It takes years for a mechanic to get rebuilding certifications. Rest assured that all our employees are master builders. The GMC design of the 5.7L is easy for us to take apart. We have the tools, experience and equipment needed to do it right. The cleaning we do can make up for lean years of a previous owner that neglected some of the exterior quality. We use the industry standard cleansers to make engines shine up like a new C/K engine. The cost of a rebuilt engine is never based on MSRP. It’s based on what we put into it.

Engine rebuilding is not a lost art inside of our shop. It is what we do. It is who we are as people. We could just as easily sell used. We became convinced in the 1970s about rebuilt engines. We have not looked back since. If you’re wondering about GMC warranties don’t worry. Our engine work is excellent. All labor is covered. Your C/K engine will not fail you. An OEM part could fail but our labor will not. All it takes for you to get started is an engine quote. We respond quickly to requests for information.

Rebuilt GMC CK Pickup Truck Engines Pricing

Rotating inventory is always updated in our quotes. The system is powered by our internal GMC inventory. The rebuilt C/K engine quote form won’t disappoint you. Lots of customers use it daily. There is no catch. Just enter information and you’re finished. Call our specialists at 1-877-630-3873. We are GMC engine experts. There is nothing we don’t know. Try us out. Get a low priced remanufactured engine shipped with no fuss or stress to your life.