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Rebuilt Dodge Avenger 2.0L Engines

Rebuilt Dodge Avenger 2.0L EnginesDodge Avenger was created shortly after the Daytona was retired. Dodge had success with two-door coupes and wanted this trend to continue. The Avenger rolled off the assembly line in 1995. This vehicle remained untouched or modified for five years. The full support of the buying public convinced Chrysler that the Avenger needed no type of upgrades. The 2.0L engine was selected as the engine to take the Avenger to new heights. This is the very same engine now used in the PT Cruiser. Since we only sell remanufactured engines here, it is easy for you to find in our inventory rebuilt Dodge Avenger 2.0L engines at great prices. There is nothing like getting a deal when you need one.

The 1995 Avenger was built by the partnerships of Mitsubishi and Chrysler known as Diamond Star. This short lived company did produce cars that became popular like the Eclipse and the Talon. The Avenger held its own. Much of the success was because of the 2.0L engine. This great gas mileage engine did not reduce any performance of the vehicle. Dodge used the same technology for its Neon. The DOHC configuration is what kept the 155+ horsepower intact. When we rebuild Dodge engines, we know that they come out just like they do in a Dodge manufacturing plant.

Rebuilt Dodge Avenger 2.0L Engines

We need to be honest and tell you that you are not buying a new engine. The research that you can do separately online might not be accurate. Some dealers claim that a rebuilt motor is basically a new one. Nothing will compare to a new engine. We will explain what rebuilt is to you. Taking off the old parts and putting new ones on instead is the basic premise of a rebuild. It is the parts that wear out that lead to breakdowns of auto engines. By removing the worn out parts, we keep the OEM configuration intact. This restores the engine to its original use and horsepower. It does not however take off the original mileage.

Don’t let the word mileage get you down. A used engine usually has a lot of mileage. This means that there is little mileage to spare before problems happen. That’s why these are sold for pennies on the dollar on auction sites. We are certified Dodge engine rebuilders. We take 2.0L engines and put them into our shop under the care of our mechanics. What happens is engines are built and then hooked up for computer testing. This prints out data that we use to compare to brand new Dodge engines. You end up with an engine with a nice warranty that you can put thousands of miles on for a cheap price.

Rebuilt Dodge Avenger 2.0L Engines Quote 

Don’t let a quote form frighten you. Even if you’ve never used one, you will be shocked just how fast and simple they are to use. Put in your Dodge Avenger engine information. Our quotes are expertly linked to our prices and our in stock levels. You get a fast quote and don’t have to call to get it. Help is always offered at 1-877-630-3873 though. Secure your 2.0L engine price now.