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Rebuilt Remanufactured Ford SVT Focus Engines

Rebuilt Ford SVT Focus EnginesFord SVT Focus was a special model produced for a limited time. The success of the Focus in 1999 helped Ford build one of its secret weapons. The SVT or Special Vehicle Team was a group of experts put together by Ford. One of the first automobiles that was designed by the SVT group was the updated Focus. The original Zetec 2.0L engine was upgraded with more horsepower. Months of engineering and design went into the new SVT engines. We have rebuilt Ford SVT Focus engines for the best prices you can find. Our team of remanufacturing experts will build you an SVT engine that will last for decades.

The secret to the SVT motor is the installed turbocharger. More than 200 true horsepower make this Focus one of the best. The SVT design was a limited edition although hundreds of thousands were sold in the U.S. and Canada. We sell our OEM rebuilt engines to mechanics and body shops that want a great Ford engine. We even do a lot of Focus engine business with junkyards. We are now one of the largest suppliers in the preowned engine industry. We buy preowned and rebuild the motors to make them absolutely perfect. Making a Ford Focus engine swap is much easier with a like new motor.

Rebuilt Ford SVT Focus Engines

The engine experts we use are all professionals. Decades of experience are what our engine shop brings into our company. Each of our employees has completed standard and advanced technical training in Ford engine programs. Even the SVT engine team design is no match for our engine mechanics. We understand and use this technology daily to rebuild the Zetec 2.0L engines here. The great thing is that we do it all at a price that is much lower than any other builder currently online. The discounts that we include with an engine purchase are phenomenal. A total reconditioned engine from our company is one of value and that will last for many years with daily engine use.

The inventory of engines we hold here is very large. Not only do we carry the Zetec but we carry the Duratec too. You might require an engine for an earlier Focus as well. Never be afraid to inquire to us about your engine needs. We are always helping customers daily here. You don’t even need to have your VIN number when you call. It can be confusing to get all of the information ahead of time that you need. We’ll work with you and still save you a lot of money in the process. We have been one of the best kept secrets for a decade in the automotive world.

Rebuilt Ford SVT Focus Engines Prices

We can tell you all day long about how low prices are here but we want to show you. The Focus engine quote form we built will give out the pricing. It’s super fast and effortless for you to use. Use it right now. We don’t limit the amount of quotes it will give you. When you have your quote, call us at 1-877-630-3873. We can accurately provide answers to all questions that you ask. We’ll get an SVT engine shipped to you for less than anyone else can ship one.